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Gunmen Rush UPS Driver Out for Deliveries, Take Off with the Entire Delivery Truck

Doorbell video footage caught the moment a female UPS driver was surrounded and carjacked at gunpoint in a Maryland neighborhood Monday.
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The following article, Gunmen Rush UPS Driver Out for Deliveries, Take Off with the Entire Delivery Truck, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The carjacking of a UPS driver in broad daylight Monday in Prince George’s County, Maryland, is the latest reminder of the audacity with which criminals now operate.

The incident unfolded in the newly developed Westridge Westphalia neighborhood in Upper Marlboro around 2 p.m. as residents went about their daily routines, according to WTTG.

Detectives from the Prince George’s County Police Department swiftly responded to the scene in the 9000 block of Elk Avenue, where the dramatic carjacking took place.

The incident was captured by a Ring doorbell camera. The footage revealed a female UPS driver surrounded by several suspects brandishing firearms and forcibly taking control of the large brown UPS delivery truck.

The distraught driver immediately made a call to 911. “They just pulled a gun out on me,” she can be heard saying in the Ring doorbell video footage, according to the New York Post.

The neighbor to whom the Ring camera belonged referred to the incident as “unnerving.”

“It’s very brazen in the middle of the day. Most of the homes have cameras, so to do that right in front of everybody’s house who has front view cameras, it’s a little unnerving,” the neighbor said.

According to the neighbor, the truck was found abandoned not far from where it had been taken, proving the thieves were not some criminal masterminds.

But the fact that the carjacking of an entire UPS truck took place during daylight hours further underscores a growing trend of criminals feeling emboldened by what they perceive as soft-on-crime policies.

This trend is a concern not only for Maryland but also for communities, especially those led by liberals across the United States.

In San Francisco, some stores have taken to locking up even basic necessities to keep them from being stolen.

But voters in liberal cities still seem to make excuses for crime and continue to vote for leaders who prioritize criminals over victims.

The neighbor outside whose home this occurred blamed the “climate” for this attack.

“You hope things get a little better. Maybe it’s the climate, but it’s unfortunate you have to be vigilant and watch your back,” was the neighbor’s confusing justification.

When will liberals realize that the only way to feel safe is to vote for leaders who are willing to get tough on crime and send a clear message that violent crime will not be tolerated?

Americans have the right to live without fear.

But they have to want it for themselves.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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