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Michigan Town Votes Out ENTIRE Township Board Over Deals with Chinese Company

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The voters of Green Charter Township has voted to recall every single member of their township board after the officials made sweetheart deals with a Chinese company to build a factory there despite the overwhelming opposition to the plans.

Outraged residents of the central Michigan township filed papers ahead of Tuesday’s elections to recall the entire board for the $2 billion deal inked in December 2020 with Gotion, Inc., a Chinese company that manufactures batteries for electric vehicles.

The deal has been gaining opposition for months and in April the nay-sayers were so many that officials had to move a township meeting out doors to accommodate the numbers.

Residents were afraid that the company would ignore American environmental rules, along with the fact that Gotion is a company based in a country that calls the U.S. A. an enemy.

One clause in the contract in particular upset residents. That clause gave Gotion the right to impose Chinese Communist Party rules on American workers.

It read: “The company shall set up a party organization and carry out party activities in accordance with the constitution of the Communist Party of China. The company shall ensure necessary conditions for carrying out party activities.”

Gotion officials scoffed at the claims that they intended to force commie rule on American workers. But the clause is right there in black and white, and township officials eagerly signed on the dotted line.

Residents told the media they were furious.

Worse, the township officials removed from office were all Republicans.

Per Politico:

A recall election in Green Charter Township threw out five local Republican officials who had backed tax breaks for a multibillion-dollar battery parts plant tied to a Chinese company — never mind the project’s promises of more than 2,000 jobs for the economically depressed region. That could spell difficulties for Biden, who is counting on a surge of jobs-creating battery plants, electric vehicle factories and other clean energy projects supported by his signature climate law to sway voters next year.

Republicans or no, they deserved to be eliminated.

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