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Watch: UFC Legend Starts ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chant During Trump Rally in Florida

Former UFC star Jorge Masvidal spoke Wednesday night during a Trump Rally in Hialeah, Florida.
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Retired mixed martial arts legend Jorge Masvidal has never been afraid to throw punches or mince his words.

There’s a reason the man won the inaugural “BMF” (“baddest motherf***er”) championship in the UFC back in 2019 — he doesn’t just walk the walk, but he makes sure to talk the talk while doing it.

And it’s that gift for gab that has kept Masvidal in the spotlight despite his abrupt retirement from the fight game in April of this year.

But just because one’s retired doesn’t mean they’re dead, and Masvidal has remained active in a different sort of arena than an octagon now that he’s hung up his MMA gloves: the political arena.

Masvidal appeared at Wednesday’s Donald Trump rally in Hialeah, Florida, an event Team Trump organized in lieu of appearing at the GOP primary debates in Miami, and led the captive audience on a blistering chant.

Watch for yourself below:

WARNING: The following clip contains language the viewer may find offensive.

“We need the rest of the f***ing country to wake up because everybody can have this freedom,” Masvidal said at the Trump rally.

The legendary fighter continued: “Everybody in the country should have these laws and policies. I love all of you. Just going to ask for one favor before I leave …”

That favor? “If we could just get a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant. Let’s go.”

The crowd happily obliged in chanting the phrase that many consider to be a dig at President Joe Biden.

Naturally, this is hardly the first time that Masvidal has set foot in the political arena. The 38-year-old retired fighter has never been one to mince words when it comes to the current state of American politics.

In fact, political arena and the octagon collided for Masvidal when he publicly called out Biden — while praising the former president and GOP presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis — immediately following his retirement.

As for the latest Trump rally, it kept in tone with the effective victory lap that Trump is taking due to his commanding lead over this GOP primary rivals.

Will Donald Trump win the primary in Florida?

“I’m standing in front of tens of thousands of people right now, and it’s on television. That’s a lot harder to do than a debate,” Trump bragged at the rally, per the Associated Press.

According to Real Clear Politics, the former president holds a commanding 44 point lead over his DeSantis, his closest rival, in national polling data.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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