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DISGUSTING: Poll Finds One in Five Democrats Support Hamas Terrorists

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A new poll might seem shocking to regular Americans since it shows that one in five Democrats support Hamas terrorists in Gaza. But anyone paying attention really would not be surprised that Democrats endorse terrorism.

The recent I&I/TIPP Poll reveals that a shocking 20 percent of Democrat voters support Hamas.

Hamas is not a political organization. It is not a legitimate government. Hamas are terrorists. And this by their own admission. They have one goal and one goal only: to kill all Jews everywhere.

Per I&I:

Amid the backdrop of the Oct. 7 attacks against Israel by the terrorist group Hamas, I&I/TIPP asked Americans this question: “Generally speaking, in the Israel-Hamas conflict, do you side more with Israel or Hamas?” The national online poll of 1,400 adults was taken from Nov. 1-3, with a margin-of-error of +/-2.7 percentage points.

Of those responding, 58% sided with Israel, while just 11% supported Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip on Israel’s southern border. But there was a big unknown, given the polarizing effect the attack by Hamas (which killed 1,400 mostly civilian noncombatants, including women, children, and babies) had on public opinion: 31% “weren’t sure.”

The political split was fairly wide, though all three major political groupings in the U.S. supported Israel by 50% or higher. The results include Democrats (54% Israel support, 20% Hamas support, 26% not sure), Republicans (71% Israel support, 7% Hamas support, 22% not sure), and independents (50% Israel support, 6% Hamas support, 44% not sure).

The I&I poll has much more on the current crisis in Gaza and how Americans feel about the issues there, but the fact that so many Democrats are outright supporters of terrorists should not really surprise anyone.

As a party, Democrats hate the law, they hate peace, they hate the U.S. Constitution, they hate Jews, and they are 100% for the use of force to get their way.

And they don’t just support Hamas terrorists, either. They support Antifa, they support envirowacko terror groups, they support animal rights groups, and they support the murder of children in the womb.

In short, the Democrat Party is made up of people who lust for blood.

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