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Glamour Adds Trans Model to List of ‘2023 Woman of the Year’ Honorees

Transgender model Geena Rocero is on the cover of Glamour magazine.
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The following article, Glamour Adds Trans Model to List of '2023 Woman of the Year' Honorees, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Like many of the other so-called fashion or beauty industry magazines out there, Glamour magazine has gone all-in for the radical transgender agenda and once again the magazine has chosen a male model as its “woman” of the year.

The Condé Nast-owned publication debuted its seven 2023 “Women of the Year” honorees on Wednesday, but one isn’t even a woman.

In its announcement, Glamour named seven women including hip-hop artist Mary J. Blige, and five actresses including Brooke Shields, Quinta Brunson, America Ferrera, Millie Bobby Brown, and Selma Blair.

But there was one more honoree including in the batch of 2023 “Women of the Year” winners. The magazine also chose transgender model Geena Rocero from the Philippines, an activist and long-time drag queen who was born a male, Breitbart News reported.

One has to wonder if Shields, Bobby Brown, Mary J. Blige, et al, are at all annoyed that Glamour seems to think a male-born model is in the same category as these capable natural-born women?

It also looks like Glamour is now celebrating the grooming of children for the dangerous and radical trans movement. By Rocero’s own admission, he was groomed as a young teen to be an award-winning drag queen by a “drag mother” in his home country.

According to the bio written for Glamour’s awardees pages, drag performer Tigerlily Garcia Temporosa, who the magazine described as a “mentor and community mother,” said he felt Rocero would be a “rising star” when the model was only 15 years old.

“At 15 years old she took the highest titles here in the national pageant,” the drag queen “mother” enthused. “I [was] so proud and so happy. A lot of good transgender [competitors] wanted me to handle them, at that time, with Geena rising as a promising star.”

The article notes that folks in the Philippines have accepted drag performances more so than the U.S.A. has and they are more of a fixture in the entertainment world there than here. However, that fascination and amusement over drag in the Philippines has not necessarily equated to societal acceptance or even legal status for transgender people.

Rocero moved to the U.S. after winning the 2000 “Ms. Gay Universe” pageant, and once in the United States, started up a modeling career by hiding the fact that he is actually a man.

In the ensuing years, Rocero reportedly used his modeling earnings to complete his gender transition surgery and eventually came out and announced he was born a man.

Naturally, this transgender import is now pushing transgenderism on American kids with an activist media production company he has named “Gender Proud.”

“Rocero yearns to produce work that encourages young trans people amid the current waves of restrictive legislation in the States and the Philippines, which still lacks legal recognition for trans people,” the Glamour bio explains.

Glamour’s 2023 “Women of the Year” red carpet ceremony will be held on Tuesday and will be hosted by Ubah Hassan and Brynn Whitfield of the show “The Real Housewives of New York.”

Promulgating transgenderism is nothing new for Glamour, though. For a company that is supposedly about empowering women, the magazine has picked transgenders for its “Women of the Year” awards in the past, too. In 2021, the magazine honored male-born transgender model and activist Munroe Berdorf as its “gamechanging influencer.”

Of course, these magazines and elite organizations have been pushing the transgender agenda for years, now. Perhaps, though, this absurdist violation of beauty and womanhood is why Condé Nast is laying off five percent of its staff and cutting down its office space as fewer and fewer people buy their rags.

According to the New York Post, Condé Nast is set to fire 270 employees to reduce costs.

Go woke, go broke is the slogan that immediately comes to mind. And it could not happen to a more worthy organization than one pushing the trans movement on American kids.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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