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Dogs Are Traditionally Seen as Impure by Muslims … Now Watch What Happens When the IDF Sets One Loose in a Hamas-Style Tunnel

The Israel Defense Forces released a video showing a K-9 working in a tunnel similar to those occupied by Hamas under Gaza.
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The following article, Dogs Are Traditionally Seen as Impure by Muslims ... Now Watch What Happens When the IDF Sets One Loose in a Hamas-Style Tunnel, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A video showing a dog used by the Israeli Defense Force to root out terrorists in tunnels is going viral and is reminding people that many Muslims feel dogs are “impure” beasts.

The footage shows a dog wearing a military harness and sporting a video camera as it courses through a tunnel. The camera seems to be mounted just behind the dog’s head and gives the viewer and almost “dog’s eye” view of the animal’s work inside a tunnel.

Close to the end of the 23-second IDF clip, the dog encounters someone in the tunnel and goes to work subduing the man.

It appears that the man is wearing protective gear on his arms where the dog latches on, so it is likely that the video portrays a dog training exercise, and not a combat situation.

Still, it is clear that the IDF is either prepared to use the dogs that have been trained to empty out Hamas terror tunnels in Gaza or that they are already doing so.

All we here at The Western Journal can say is, “Good dog.”

Of course, dogs are not well regarded by Muslim clerics. So, the IDF’s use of them is a particular poke in the eye to the terrorists, for certain.

According to the website Islam Question & Answer, the Hadith says that dogs are impure and should not be kept by a devout Muslim unless for a specific purpose, including hunting or guarding property (and not just guarding someone’s home).

“As regards the najaasah (impurity) of the dog, the Shaafii and Hanbali ulamaa say that the whole dog is essentially naajis (impure). Some scholars say that any liquid excreted by the dog is naajis (not the dog itself). The saliva of the dog is extremely naajis, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘If a dog licks the vessel of any one of you, let him throw away whatever was in it and wash it seven times.’ (Reported by Muslim, no. 418).”

Still, as with much of Islam, the Hadiths, which hold so much of the day-to-day practices of Islam, are not necessarily reflected in the Koran itself. According to poster “Nia” at, the Koran doesn’t mention how to deal with dogs at all.

In fact, Nia noted that there is actually a story in the Koran featuring a loyal dog belonging to good believers.

“Allah tells us in Surah 18 about the story of The Companions of the Cave,” Nia wrote. “In 18:13 Allah tells us that they were good believers and that Allah guided them. In verse 18:18, Allah tells us that the companions had their dog with them. If dogs were prohibited and dirty, would Allah speak of The Companions of the Cave who had a dog with them as good believers?”

It’s just one of the myriads of contradictions in Islam as far as practices and traditions compare to the actual Koran.

Indeed, Nia noted that some Muslims won’t even keep any animal at all if it has an all-black coat of fur because they fear that the animals are evil djinns, shape-shifting creatures that can take the form of humans or animals.

Another issue is that the Hadiths describe an arduous cleansing procedure that Muslims must undergo if they touch a dog or a dog’s saliva.

Muslims are told that if a dog licks their plates or vases or food containers, the vessel “has to be cleansed once with water that is mixed with earth (soil) and then followed by clean water 6 times.”

The cleansing process is the same for anything that comes in contact with a dog. And if the cleansing is not performed as described, a non-compliant Muslim’s prayers won’t be answered, the Hadiths proclaim.

Dogs are a know bugaboo, and the issue with Muslims and dogs caused Australia’s ABC News to talk about being more cognizant of the government’s use of drug and bomb-sniffing dogs in the nation’s air and sea ports.

So, the whole idea that the IDF would use attack dogs to root out terrorists in tunnels is more than just a move toward expediency. It is also a serious poke at the terrorists who hide behind their religion to commit genocide. And with the huge network of tunnels that Hamas has built, clearing them will be a major undertaking for the IDF.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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Arek Petrosian
Arek Petrosian

This gives me an idea…

Let’s round up some of the feral hogs that are running amok in Texas, the biggest, meanest, hungriest ones we can, and then ship them to Israel, so they can set them loose on HAMAS.

I’m sensing not just an effective combat strategy, but a HUGE entertainment potential, as well.

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