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Graphic Video: Israeli Rescuer Releases Footage of Music Festival Massacre Aftermath to Counter ‘Unprecedented Denial Campaign’

An Israeli man pictured walking through the concession area of a music festival attacked by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7 in southern Israel.
@Elad_Si / X screen shot

The following article, Graphic Video: Israeli Rescuer Releases Footage of Music Festival Massacre Aftermath to Counter 'Unprecedented Denial Campaign', was first published on Flag And Cross.

They lay where Hamas left them; limp in the response of the dead in a place where terrorists shattered their illusions of innocence before leaving them strewn in a field of death.

The video is on X. It’s not pretty. It is gory and graphic and it is the reader’s choice to view it or not.

It exists as a reminder — because just as the world would not believe the spectacle of callous, regimented death that was the camps of the Holocaust, much of the world has lost sight of the reason vengeance is being rained down upon Gaza.

The footage marks the arrival of first responders at the Supernova music festival near Kibbutz Rei-im in southern Israel, where the tide of hate swamped young people dancing in the final moments of their lives before bullets tore their bodies.

All told, about 260 of the more than 1,400 people slaughtered in the day that scarred Israel’s soul were killed here.

Elad Simchayoff, a reporter for Israel’s Channel 12 News, explained why he posted it.

“We’re faced with an unprecedented denial campaign happening in real time. The overwhelming evidence – much of it is from Hamas terrorists documenting themselves – is apparently not sufficient for those who try to claim that the 7.10 attacks did not happen in the way that is being told. ‘Where’s the proof?’ – I keep getting asked – well, here’s your f–king proof,” he wrote.

WARNING: The video below contains graphic images that may upset some readers.

The post quotes an IDF soldier identified only as “Aran” saying, “I filmed this because I knew no one will believe.”

“In the video, he is heard pleading, begging for anyone to show signs of life. ‘They’re all dead,’ he repeats in shock. He filmed the video, and others, because he knew people would find this scene too horrific to believe,”  Simchayoff posted.

The audio is in Hebrew.

“Is there someone with a sign of life? Give us a sign of life,” the soldier called, according to The Associated Press.

“Somebody, please! Can someone answer?” he said.

Last week. Israeli officials offered a screening of video evidence documenting the atrocities Hamas terrorists gleefully perpetrated during the Oct. 7 massacres.

David Maddox of the U.K. Express summed up the evidence: “138 killings and bodies were played out made up mostly from footage of Hamas terrorist body cameras, with some social media from victims at the music festival, home security cameras and car dash cams,” he wrote. “It bears repeating that while the Nazis tried to hide their crimes in the 1930s and 1940s, Hamas recorded them to broadcast them.”

“At one point a Hamas terrorist could be heard calling his parents in Gaza boasting about the deaths. ‘I killed 10 Jews with my bare hands. I’m a hero, hero, hero,’” Maddox wrote.

Maddox shared his disgust at the carnage.

“Unlike any drama we see on television or in the cinema, the carnage was real. The bloodlust of the young men literally dancing on corpses and parading dead bodies through Gaza was no act. They seemed to be high on drugs or the thrill they clearly felt for the massacre they had committed. Drunk on the blood of their victims. Such unbridled hatred released with such relish by gun-toting Palestinian extremists,” he wrote.

Maddox shared a comment from Tzipi Hotovely, Israel’s ambassador to Great Britain:  “There is no negotiation with Hamas. The only thing we can negotiate is the color of flowers on our graves.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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