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Sobering Message for Americans Backing Gaza: ‘They’re Coming for All of You Next…They Hate You’

Wayne Allyn Root speaks on Real America's Voice.
Real America's Voice / Rumble screen shot

The following article, Sobering Message for Americans Backing Gaza: 'They're Coming for All of You Next...They Hate You', was first published on Flag And Cross.

Wayne Allyn Root, host of “America’s Top 10 Countdown” on the Real America’s Voice network, perfectly spelled out reality for the United States on a recent show.

He described what will occur in our own country if we allow the Biden administration and Democratic leaders to take in millions of Palestinian refugees in response to the Israel-Hamas war.

Root warned in his Oct. 21 show that “for the few that will be saved, many more American citizens will unnecessarily die.”

Islamic extremists don’t distinguish between Jews and Christians, Israelis and Americans. Unless you are Muslim and living according to Sharia law, death is stamped on your forehead.

These murders will slip in among those who are looking for safety, and they will plot to roll out death across our nation. Plenty already have crossed our border right under our noses and have been transported across our country.

As Root drew an appropriate comparison between the Nazis’ atrocities and the murder, beheading, raping, burning and terror carried out by Muslims in Israel, he sought to force those with short-term memories or a lack of historical knowledge at all to “think.”

“These are not humans,” he said of the terrorists. “These are savages. These are animals. My apologies to my wonderful dog, Bubba, for comparing these evil, Nazi savages to animals. Animals are much nicer.”

Root went on to explain how Hamas’ plans were found and released to the world by Israel. They describe the intentional targeting of elementary schools.

“They want to kill children,” he said.

He continued on his rant, compelling viewers to visualize the use of babies and grandparents as human shields by Hamas.

The goal is to wake people up to what the ignorant are trying to invite to our own doorstep.

“But they are coming for all of you next,” Root said. “They hate Jews because they live next to Israel. But if Democrats bring a million refugees from Gaza here, a million Palestinians, they hate anyone who isn’t a Muslim. They hate America. They hate Christians. They hate Western civilization.”

He ultimately landed on the fact that Hamas and all Islamic terrorist organizations “hate the modern world,” including our freedom and individuality.

“They hate you,” Root said.

“Don’t let Democrats bring them here or we are the next Israel, living with uncivilized killers in our midst,” he said.

Root pointed to the vulnerability Americans are already facing because of the invasion at the border. He warned against making our security issue worse by allowing the Biden administration to welcome hate-filled Palestinians masquerading as innocent refugees into the United States.

What’s happening in Israel could easily spill over to America under the right conditions.

Root isn’t wrong, and I pray he is listened to.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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