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Watch: GOP Reps Stand Firm in Israel Support, Explain Religious Reasoning to Leftist Filmmaker

Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert was one of the conservatives who used Biblical references to defend U.S. support of Israel.
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The following article, Watch: GOP Reps Stand Firm in Israel Support, Explain Religious Reasoning to Leftist Filmmaker, was first published on Flag And Cross.

It can be heartening to see public officials acknowledge their spiritual debt to Israel.

Wednesday on social media, left-leaning independent journalist Lee Fang posted two videos featuring a total of four brief interviews with federal lawmakers, three Republicans and one Democrat.

All three Republicans explained their support for Israel in Biblical terms. The Democrat, of course, did not.

While interviewing the GOP lawmakers, Fang referred to Biblical prophecies that a Jewish-controlled Jerusalem would herald the second coming of Christ.

Republican Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas did not shy away from the Biblical context.

“This entire matter is based upon faith of our Maker, of our Creator, but it’s also a faith of a chosen people,” Sessions said.

Next, Fang tracked down Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and asked the congresswoman about the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

“There have been two nations created to glorify God: Israel and the United States of America,” Boebert said. She then added that she would “bless both,” “honor both” and do everything possible to “stand and defend them.”

Fang thanked Boebert, walked away and appeared to raise his eyebrows at the camera.

Finally, the journalist caught up with Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee. This led to a somewhat longer exchange.

While not overtly partisan, Fang did ask Burchett about possible “religious extremism” behind U.S. support for Israel.

“I wouldn’t label the Baptist or the evangelical community as extreme because I believe — I feel like they’re following the Scripture and what the Scripture says about Israel: those who bless Israel will be blessed. I mean, they take it literal, and I’m one of those people,” Burchett replied.

As he had done with Sessions, Fang then asked Burchett about Biblical prophecies of Christ’s Second Coming.

“I believe Jesus will come back. And I’m gonna be on His side,” Burchett said.

On the social media platform X, Fang accurately noted that the Biblical context “separates Israel-Palestine from a lot of other geopolitical concerns.”

In a second brief clip, Fang received a predictably lame response from Democratic Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina.

Here, Fang asked about the situation in Gaza.

“I’m gonna let the president speak for the country,” Clyburn said.

“But the Congress controls the purse. Should the Congress have any say in this?” Fang asked.

“No. The Congress should provide whatever the president asks for,” Clyburn replied.

“Anything? What if the president’s wrong?” Fang shot back.

“Whatever the president asks for. I’m with Joe Biden,” the congressman answered.

No doubt Fang found Clyburn’s subservient attitude depressing. The comments made it clear that many X users certainly did.

“They said trump had the cult following,” one user sarcastically tweeted.

“And his constituents in SC did whatever Clyburn asked for and came out to vote for Biden in the primary, it’s blind obedience all the way down,” another user tweeted.

Clyburn, of course, exemplifies Democrats’ trance-like obedience to the party establishment. He is not a serious person.

Republicans’ support for Israel on Biblical grounds, however, constitutes the most important aspect of this story. In fact, it should remind Americans and indeed, all Westerners, of their true heritage.

In our philosophies of government, for instance, Americans have drawn liberally from ancient Greece and Rome, as well as early modern England. The American Founders, in any case, most certainly did.

While borrowing from Plato and Cicero, however, our ancestors left the pagan gods alone. They adopted “The Republic,” but not Zeus.

Indeed, nearly all of them believed that the God of the Old Testament had revealed Himself to the Hebrews. Then, from that chosen people, came the Savior.

Therein lay our heritage: intellectually and culturally Greco-Roman and British, and spiritually Judeo-Christian.

It is good to see that some lawmakers understand.



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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