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Speaker Mike Johnson Tells Hannity: ‘Go Pick Up a Bible’ and ‘Read It’

House Speaker Mike Johnson talked about his Christian beliefs in an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity.
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The following article, Speaker Mike Johnson Tells Hannity: 'Go Pick Up a Bible' and 'Read It', was first published on Flag And Cross.

Newly elected Speaker Mike Johnson isn’t a tough man to figure out. Nor is he scary, except to those who don’t have the best interest of the United States at heart. Johnson lives by the teachings of the Bible, pure and simple.

He also wants the best for this nation. This makes him an enemy of the Democratic Party and the establishment media, who ultimately want the opposite and have been working hard to meet that goal.

Johnson’s sudden promotion is a sign of failure to the left. It signifies their inability to oust God from society and shows them to be the liars that they are. The threat he poses is matched by the vicious words the Democratic National Committee used to welcome Johnson onto the scene, calling him an anti-abortion, MAGA extremist at the start.

In a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Hannity shared more of the DNC’s remarks regarding Johnson, falsely claiming that he was in support of a nationwide abortion ban and that he intended to cut Social Security and Medicare. “Here’s some free advice for Mike Johnson,” Hannity quoted the Democrats as saying, “Don’t get comfortable. We’ve been here before. This is the same exact MAGA extremism that the American people have already rejected and they will do it again.”

Johnson’s response was one of “peace through strength,” inviting the DNC to give him a chance. He explained that most of his Democratic constituents don’t know him. Despite this, he is eager to work together. I’m certain his optimism won’t be met with the same, because intentions are not the same.

Neither are foundational principles. The word of God is sacred to Johnson. He lives and breathes it with complete and utter sincerity. And that didn’t just begin yesterday. He’s done so for his entire life. Name one Democrat in politics that you could say the same about. Most only mention God as a means to deceive, in my opinion, and that’s even tough for them to do.

Curiosity about him at an all-time high, Johnson shared the yardstick by which all issues could be measured. “I am a Bible-believing Christian. … Go pick up a Bible off your shelf and read it – that’s my worldview. That’s what I believe, and so I make no apologies for it.”

Hannity clarified further by delineating this to be Johnson’s “personal worldview” as opposed to his “professional worldview.” Johnson confirmed the clarification, adding to it the understanding that not every personal worldview transforms itself into the law of the land.

As the entire nation has been drowning in chaos since the Biden administration took office, such a solid, thoughtful and successful leader can be very enticing and persuasive to those who sit between the two extremes. Through observation and illumination alone, voters could easily shift right in line with Johnson and Christian values.

Charlie Kirk described this perfectly in a comment made on social media. “Mike Johnson believes what nearly every Founding Father believed. This is not radical, fringe, or scary. This is what built the entire world you live in. His worldview is the basis of our entire civilization, which is exactly why the media is trying to discredit and destroy it.”

It is the reason Democrats will harp on reliable key issues to balance the power and thwart lost ground — Social Security, abortion and LGBT rights. When all else fails, Democrats always fall back on these.

True to form, the following statement made by Johnson years ago was shared in Mediaite Thursday: “Your race, creed, and sex are what you are, while homosexuality and cross-dressing are things you do,” he wrote in a 2005 op-ed. “This is a free country, but we don’t give special protections for every person’s bizarre choices.”

It’s a ploy that was meant to discredit Johnson by the establishment media and the left. It also helps to cast light away from the critical issues at hand, namely Bidenomics, runaway inflation, border invasion, soaring national debt, a failing public education system, the breakdown of the family and possible World War III.

Truth be told, if the latter don’t take precedence, the former matters very little. The average American is beginning to realize this, and so are the Democrats.

That alone opens the door to revival across this nation. The pendulum is swinging back toward prayer. Now, with an evangelical Christian sitting third in line to the presidency, Democrats are panicking, enlisting the establishment media to get to work.

That work isn’t on the side of the American people — quite the opposite. For instance, it pushes back against removing wildly inappropriate sex education from schools or accountability for billions of dollars in funding to Ukraine. It also does nothing to rescind China’s occupation of American soil or overall infiltration into our way of life.

At the brink, as in so many other instances, lifting our hands up to God, aware that we cannot do this on our own, He answers. This time, His answer is Johnson — a leader who believes without apology and just may have the rest of the nation doing the same. Had I been Hannity, I would have, undoubtedly, picked up my own Bible again following that interview.



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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