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Norway Study Concludes that there is NO Man-Made Global Warming

The following article, Norway Study Concludes that there is NO Man-Made Global Warming, was first published on .

A recent study released in Norway finds that all the fears over global warming is a tad overblown. Because there isn’t any man-made global warming.

The extract of the study gets right to the point, according to Issues & Insights.

“Using theoretical arguments and statistical tests we find,” the researchers say, “that the effect of man-made CO2 emissions does not appear to be strong enough to cause systematic changes in the temperature fluctuations during the last 200 years.”

So, the purported greenhouse effect is apparently not strong enough to affect anything, and so it should not be used to argue in favor of climate change.

The report continues to undermine the slobberingly alarmist theory of climate change.

“Even if recent recorded temperature variations should turn out to deviate from previous variation patterns in a systematic way it is still a difficult challenge to establish how much of this change is due to increasing man-made emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases.”

As Rush Limbaugh always used to say, the idea that man is powerful enough right now to affect the climate of this planet is laughable.

As Issues & Insights added, some of the high temp readings can be due to what they call urban heat islands (UHI) where there is a lot of concrete and emissions all in one place. But it doesn’t have that much effect on the whole world.

Of course, the climate zealots won’t like the study. Well, they also won’t like another new paper, this one from University of Alabama in Hunstville climate scientists Roy Spencer and John Christy, who have submitted Urban Heat Island Effects in U.S. Summer Surface Temperature Data, 1880-2015 to a science journal.

They believe they have demonstrated “that, not only do the homogenized (‘adjusted’) dataset not correct for the effect of the urban heat island (UHI) on temperature trends, the adjusted data appear to have even stronger UHI signatures than in the raw (unadjusted) data.”

According to Spencer, “the bottom line is that an estimated 22% of the U.S. warming trend, 1895 to 2023, is due to localized UHI effects,” and that “the effect is much larger in urban locations.”

The truth is, there is no substantive proof for man-made climate change.

Of COURSE climate changes. We know that for a fact. But to date it is all due to the planet’s own process and man has contributed little to it.

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