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Trump’s New Hampshire Speech Turns Into Stand-Up Comedy Skit at Biden’s Expense

The following article, Trump's New Hampshire Speech Turns Into Stand-Up Comedy Skit at Biden's Expense, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Former President Donald Trump had his supporters roaring with laughter during a speech in Derry, New Hampshire, on Monday.

First, Trump mocked President Joe Biden’s inability to climb even the shorter stairs on Air Force One.

Then, the former president mimicked a bewildered Biden finishing a speech and struggling to find his way off stage.

The Alabama-based conservative Right Side Broadcasting Network posted a clip of Trump’s comedic moment Monday on X.

“‘Crooked Joe can’t even walk up the children’s stairs on Air Force One’: President Trump EXCORIATES Biden in Derry, New Hampshire,” RSBN announced in the social media post.

“Crooked Joe can’t even walk up the children’s stairs in Air Force One, you know?” Trump said.

Raucous laughter ensued, so Trump continued.

“Now, doesn’t that look terrible? You see a man come out — you want to see a man walk out, or woman — walk off Air Force One, nice and high, wave to everybody. This guy goes through the little stairs. We call ’em the children’s stairs,” Trump said, again prompting laughter.

Much to his supporters’ delight, Trump’s routine had only just begun.

“And now he’s made it a common practice because he can’t quite make it up or down. I think he has a bigger time making it up. Usually, that’s supposed to be easier. I don’t know. Let’s not even think about it,” Trump said while laughing and shaking his head.

Then the former president got his supporters laughing about another ordinary task Biden cannot perform.

“Or find his way off a stage. He can’t find his way off a stage,” Trump said.

Amid continued laughter, Trump never skipped a beat.

“You even see the — makes a speech, if you call it that,” the former president said. He then slumped his shoulders and mimicked an unintelligible Biden speech: “uh, da-huh, huh.”

Then, with the audience howling with laughter, Trump slurred an “OK. Thank you,” turned around and acted confused.

At that dead-on impersonation, the laughing crowd erupted in applause.

“And they’re screaming at him,” Trump said as he returned to the podium amid whistles and cheers.

“They’re saying, ‘No, you got there, you got,” Trump said of Biden’s handlers while pointing in multiple directions.

Biden’s inability to find his way off stage struck the audience as hilarious, so Trump added one more bit.

“You can make a bad speech, but you gotta be able to see, you know, you came in here,” Trump said while pointing to his right.

“I can even go out there. I see there’s an exit there,” the former president then said, while pointing to his left.

“You got exits all over,” Trump said while throwing his hands in the air. “It’s unbelievable.”

Through it all, the combination of Trump’s accent and hilarious irreverence made him sound like a New York stand-up comedian.

Readers who wish to view Trump’s entire address, nearly four hours in length, may do so here:

Biden, of course, provides plenty of material for such impromptu mockery.

In February, for instance, Biden tripped and fell going up the stairs of Air Force One while leaving Poland. Indeed, the president’s repeated struggles on that front led to his taking the plane’s much shorter, retractable stairway.

Even on these “children’s stairs,” however, Biden has suffered several close calls.

And who could forget the infamous 2021 incident in which the president fell three times in one stair-climbing attempt?

As for Biden’s unintelligible public utterances and repeated failures to find his way off stage, the president’s bizarre September news conference in Vietnam serves as a representative example.

All of these comments would strike the reader as heartless if directed toward a nursing-home resident. The man who lacks basic motor and cognitive skills, however, now presides over a nation potentially careening toward World War III.

Thanks to Trump, at least we can laugh about it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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