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Republican Arrested After Landing at Airport in China

Washington state Sen. Jeff Wilson, who was arrested in Hong Kong on Saturday for having a gun.
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A Republican lawmaker from Washington state was arrested in Hong Kong over the weekend over a firearm he’d brought from the United States, according to reports.

According to USA Today, state Sen. Jeff Wilson from Longview, Washington, was detained at the Hong Kong International Airport on Saturday.

Wilson had traveled to Asia for a five-week vacation with his family that was to include multiple stops.

The vacation hit a snag quickly once the lawmaker, 63, landed in the Chinese territory on the first part of the trip.

According to the report, Wilson got through the airport in Portland, Oregon, on his way out of the country and he was unaware that he had a handgun in his briefcase.

The gun, a revolver, made its way through airport security where he said “baggage screeners failed to note it.”

Wilson said in statements obtained by NBC News and USA Today that he was the one who actually reported the incident to authorities in Hong Kong before he was arrested.

According to the statement, Wilson was on the plane between San Francisco and Hong Kong when he reached into the briefcase for a stick of gum.

He discovered his legally owned handgun was aboard the flight with him.

Once the plane touched down in Asia, he said, he immediately alerted authorities.

“It was an honest mistake, and I expect the situation to be resolved shortly,” Wilson said, according to USA Today.

It is not clear how agents with the Transportation Security Administration missed the gun when Wilson went through security in Portland.

The TSA issued a statement about the incident stating that the security lapse was under investigation.

The agency told NBC News it “takes this situation very seriously and is currently investigating the circumstances.”

A TSA representative also said that its employees had flagged 43 other firearms inside bags at the Portland airport so far in 2023.

Wilson said he hoped to resume the vacation after the legal situation is dealt with, according to NBC News.

After Wilson’s brief arrest and detainment, he was released and given a court date on the gun charge that has been set for Oct. 30.

The Republican has a valid concealed carry permit in Washington, according to USA Today.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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