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Biden Botches Beginning of Press Event, Leaving Fellow Speakers Confused: ‘I Apologize’

The following article, Biden Botches Beginning of Press Event, Leaving Fellow Speakers Confused: 'I Apologize', was first published on Flag And Cross.

President Joe Biden’s constant and notable gaffes were never that funny.

Sure, it was rather easy to point and laugh at him in many of those moments, but it was always with a gnawing sense of dread.


Because at the end of the day, for better and for worse, President Joe Biden is the leader of this country.

Whatever idiotic mistake he’s making is a direct reflection of Americans, whether we want that to be the case or not.

The reason this is brought up is because Biden’s gaffes are officially approaching critical mass. Even the innocuous accidents are starting to become glaring, given the frequency.

This latest incident, by all metrics, is the definition of “innocuous” and was relatively harmless in a vacuum.

But in addition to everything else that he has messed up and will mess up, it matters.

Is Biden fit for office?

On Monday, Biden gave a rah-rah speech about how great “Bidenomics” have been (spoiler alert, they have not been great), but it began with yet another mortifying Biden gaffe.

You can watch for yourself below:

As soon as the event began, it appeared Biden had already messed up — he didn’t follow the cues.

“Good afternoon folks,” Biden said as soon as he got to the podium.

Biden then attempted to continue: “I’m not introducing me, Mark is. I forgot, Mark. I went straight to the podium. So I apologize.”

Author and entrepreneur Mark Anthony Thomas was the man slated to introduce the president, which he eventually did get to.

The event itself is the typical propagandist drivel and manipulation of numbers that you’d come to expect from this administration.

For anyone living in the real world, it’s painfully apparent that things, especially the American economy, are not well.

But here’s the real reason Biden’s latest gaffe matters when it comes to the current state of the country: Perception matters.

It matters because Biden is seeking re-election, and if he’s perceived to be a doddering, decrepit fool, that doesn’t bode well for his chances.

It matters because a little bit of confidence in his ability to right this ship would make a world of difference for him and his poor polling numbers.

And it matters because it’s just not that funny anymore.

If things were going swell and all the world had to worry about was Biden’s leftist ideologies, the wait for the 2024 general election wouldn’t be so excruciating.

Maybe you laugh off Biden’s leftist-concern-of-the-month and just assume that the next president will do better.

But it’s getting harder and harder to laugh off these little incidents, given that Biden is the key figurehead in any sort of short-term American economic recovery.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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