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City of Chicago is Paying Illegals $9,000 Each for Rent and New Furniture

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The City of Chicago is outrageously paying illegal aliens $9,000 to help them pay rent and buy new furniture as thousands flood the city.

City Hall has also paid out an incredible $7.2 million to a medical firm for staffing shelters for just a week.

The money is literally flying out of the hands of government officials as the city’s liberal regime clings to its absurd and disastrous “sanctuary city” policies.

According to the Daily Mail:

To free much-needed room in shelters, the state of Illinois is helping cover costs for temporary housing for migrants, including $9,000 in rental assistance over a six-month period, Chicago’s deputy chief of staff Cristina Pacione-Zayas told Fox32. The funds include assistance with moving costs and a starter kit to furnish apartments.

The city has allocated $4 million to help migrants find temporary housing, and the state has contributed another $38 million. It’s unclear how many migrants are currently benefiting from the program.

‘That rent lasts for six months and ideally people would have started their legal process, secured legal work authorization and be able to sustain that apartment,’ said Ald. Pacione-Zayas. ‘I guess the payment toward the landlord is based on market rate, it’s based on the configuration of the apartment. And so it varies from place to place.’

Meanwhile a new report has revealed that Kansas-based company Favorite Healthcare Staffing billed the city more than $7.2 million to staff migrant shelters for just four weeks, as reported by NBC 5.

The invoices covered 400 employees who worked between April 22 to May 19, including one nurse who was paid $20,000 for a single week of work in December. The same nurse made $16,536 for seven days of work in April.

The city appeared to reduce hourly rates after reports of their December invoices, but the lowest paid staff rates were still $50 per hour, with the most expensive being $156 per hour before overtime.

Chicago is wasting millions every month on this growing wave of illegals.

And there is no end in sight.

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