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Canadian Reporter Attempts Takedown on Trudeau Rival, Somehow Ends Up Looking Dumber Than Trudeau

Pierre Poilievre, left, the leader of Canada's Conservative Party and the largest competition for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was recently interviewed by a Don Urquhart, right, and he gave a master class as he snacked on an apple.
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The following article, Canadian Reporter Attempts Takedown on Trudeau Rival, Somehow Ends Up Looking Dumber Than Trudeau, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Look, I’m not saying that we should judge any politician by a single interaction with the media. In Canada’s race for prime minister, however, I’d posit that two clips adequately describe the options facing voters in the frozen north.

Granted, there won’t be a vote for two more years, but incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — who, as Reuters pointed out in a recent piece, is unlikely to step aside despite his Liberal Party trailing the Conservative Party by a considerable margin in recent polling — is looking to secure a fourth term for the party in 2025. He’ll need to distract Canadian people from gaffes like, among others, insisting that “mankind” be called “peoplekind” so as to avoid misogyny:

His rival will almost certainly be Pierre Poilievre, the 44-year-old, Calgary-born leader of the Conservative Party. Because he is an actual conservative — a rarity up north — journalists have treated him with considerably less latitude than they’ve given the 51-year-old Trudeau.

And yet, unlike Capt. Peoplekind, Poilievre is going viral for owning a journalist as opposed to a self-own — and he did it all while eating an apple.

According to Fox News, the exchange happened during a visit to a British Columbia orchard last week as Poilievre was being questioned by Don Urquhart, the editor of a local media outlet, the Times Chronicle.

Urquhart was determined to make the Conservative Party leader look like an extremist — starting with a question about Poilievre “obviously taking the populist pathway.”

“What does that mean?” Poilievre interrupted, still chewing his apple.

“Well, appealing — appealing to people’s more emotional levels, I would guess,” Urquhart continued, saying that “certainly you — certainly you, certainly you tap very strong ideological language quite frequently.”

“Like what?” Poilievre shot back.

“‘Left-wing,’ you know, this and that, ‘right wing,’ you know, I mean, it’s that type of –” a visibly rattled Urquhart responded.

“I never really talk about left or right,” Poilievre said, coolly. “I don’t really believe in that.”

“OK. A lot of people would say that you’re simply taking a page out of the Donald Trump … ” Urquhart continued.

“A lot of people? Like which people would say that?” Poilievre asked.

The answer: “Well, I’m sure a great many Canadians.”

Urquhart couldn’t answer which ones, which led Poilievre to note that the editor was the one who asked the question.

The interviewer finally got to what the “point of the question” was, which again had to do with why Canadians should trust the Conservative Party with its vote when he was “taking the page out of Donald Trump’s book.”

“What are you talking about?” Poilievre asked. “What page? Can you give me a page? Give me the page. You keep saying.”

All while eating a piece of fruit. It truly is a thing of beauty all peoplekind should behold:

And, indeed, conservatives on social media were savoring it like a crisp, British Columbian apple:

So, this guy can only take over from Trudeau in 2025? Shame, really.

However, our hearts here at The Western Journal do go out to Don Urquhart. After all, he tried taking down Justin Trudeau’s main rival and somehow managed to look dumber than, well, Justin Trudeau. Ouch.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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