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Professor Crushes BBC on Its Own Airwaves Over Network’s Outrageous Hamas Policy

University of Kent professor Matt Goodwin went on the BBC's "Politics Live" on Monday to discuss how the network treats its coverage of Hamas.
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The following article, Professor Crushes BBC on Its Own Airwaves Over Network's Outrageous Hamas Policy, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The British Broadcasting Corporation has come under fire for refusing to condemn Hamas after last week’s bloody rampage by terrorists crossing from Gaza into Israel. And one BBC guest has had enough.

The BBC has seen protesters form outside its London headquarters for refusing to call Hamas and its Palestinian supporters the terrorists that they are, as Variety reported, and citizens with Israeli flags chanted “shame on you” outside the studios.

Indeed, one BBC presenter, John Simpson, even defended the network’s decision to refuse to use factual labels as a way to stay “impartial” when he posted a message reading, “Calling someone a terrorist means you’re taking sides and ceasing to treat the situation with due impartiality.”

Well, author and University of Kent professor Matt Goodwin gave the BBC a lesson live, on the air over the network’s refusal to call Hamas what it truly is during an appearance on a panel on Monday.

Goodwin was invited on as a panel member for a broadcast of “Politics Live” when he became incensed by the dancing around the subject he was witnessing by others on the panel and the network more generally. But when faced with accusations that people who oppose Hamas are “dehumanizing”” Palestinians, Goodwin had just about enough of it all.

“I can’t remember a time in my life when I felt more ashamed by our national debate, and our country, as I have over the last week. I’ve tried to imagine how I would feel if I was a British Jew. We have a national broadcaster, the BBC, unable to call a Nazi-inspired, ISIS-inspired terrorist group ‘terrorists,’” Goodwin said.

“We have the same broadcaster investigating BBC Arabic journalists for expressing sympathy for Hamas. We have the institutions of our national community, like Wembley Stadium, showing the rainbow flag to protest against Qatar, but not showing the colors of Israel in solidarity,” he continued. “And we have the universities, where I work, a few years ago fell over themselves to express solidarity with George Floyd and what happened centuries ago in America, but are unable to issue the same condemnation of what has happened in Israel.”

“Not to mention the fact we’ve now got schools telling Jewish children in Britain in 2023 not to show symbols of their faith,” he said.

“I think this country has lost its moral compass. I don’t think — we no longer understand the importance of taking a position on issues which are very clear cut in the minds of ordinary people. A few days ago the Brits were asked, ‘Do you think Hamas is a terrorist organization or not?’ Two-thirds of the country said, ‘Yes, absolutely.’ So, why can the BBC not refer to Hamas as a terrorist organization?” an incredulous Goodwin asked.

On his website, Goodwin went on to blast the BBC and the left for their immoral reactions to the attacks on Israeli women and children.

“Our national broadcaster, the BBC, refusing to describe the Nazi and ISIS-inspired Hamas as ‘terrorists’ — despite using the term before, despite the terrorist group being proscribed by the British state, and despite two-thirds of the entire country thinking this is exactly what Hamas is — a group of terrorists,” he wrote after his appearance.

“The same broadcaster alongside senior BBC journalists giving the rest of us lectures on impartiality while simultaneously having to investigate their own BBC Arabic employees for displaying support for Hamas, and adopting lines when it suits, like its very visible support for highly contested and openly political radical gender theories,” he wrote.

He went on to describe the many scenes where Jews are becoming a target for verbal and physical abuse all across the U.K. and blasted the broadcasters, universities, police, and politicians for turning a blind eye to it all.

Goodwin added, “while comparisons with the Second World War are not always helpful the events this week will no doubt have left many British Jews with a clear sense of ‘who would have helped us and who would have pushed us onto the trains.'”

Should Israel fully dismantle Hamas?

“I just wanted to say something on behalf of the many people in this country who might share my concerns about the direction of the BBC, our national ‘debate’ and the state of our country,” Goodwin explained.

The left’s acts of moral relativism and whataboutism in the face of Hamas’ bloody swath — where they murdered women and children and even killed and beheaded tiny babies in their cribs — is truly the most disgusting act of moral cowardice and leftist sycophancy seen in recent years.

Goodwin deserves hearty congratulations for serving the BBC a huge slice of comeuppance. But one imagines it will also be the last time he is invited on the air. These cowards won’t want to sit through being made to look like the terror supporters that they are again, you can be sure.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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