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Terrorists Run Into a Big Problem as Israel Releases the Hounds

An Israeli Defense Forces soldier with a military dog.
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The following article, Terrorists Run Into a Big Problem as Israel Releases the Hounds, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Man’s best friend is on the job again — fighting and even dying alongside Israelis at a time when much of the world media and elite organizations seem against them.

In the fighting last week since the Oct. 7 massive attack on southern Israel by Hamas terrorists from Gaza, dogs have been used to locate hostages and track down terrorists, according to reports.

A hero dog named “Charlie” tracked down a senior Hamas leader and “initiated contact,” which, we hope, means he took a good chunk out of him, before Israeli soldiers were able to come in and apprehend him, according to Fox News.

“Naro,” another of the canines used by the IDF, was killed in battle after he revealed the location of a Hamas ambush on Israeli forces.

Thanks to Naro’s vigilance, the Israeli soldiers had enough warning to neutralize the ambush. Sadly, Naro died in the fighting. Israeli soldiers located his body and sent him back for buria, according to Fox.

According to Fox, dogs from IDF’s K9 unit “Oketz” — which means “sting” in Hebrew — also helped rescue about 200 civilians and kill 10 Hamas terrorists at another kibbutz near the Gaza border.

Oketz was established in 1974 after a wave of terrorist attacks, according to the IDF website. It specializes in counter-terrorism, search and rescue, and various field missions. Operating nationwide, soldiers undergo rigorous selection and training before joining. ‘

Each dog has a specialty, such as attack, search and rescue, or detecting explosives.

Initially made up of only 11 soldiers, Oketz operated secretly until 1988, when it was publicly revealed after a mission in Lebanon, according to the IDF.

Will Israel triumph over Hamas?

The bond between soldiers and their assigned dogs is crucial, a significant aspect of the unit’s dynamics and effectiveness, the website states.

These highly trained and loyal dogs are now getting ready to enter the Gaza Strip with their assigned trainers, Fox reported, citing the Israel Defense Forces Spokesman’s Unit.

“The mission is to neutralize all the terrorists we confront in the field,” an Oketz commander said, Fox reported. “We are ready, we are strong, we are united, and we are going to win.”

Terrorists Run Into a Big Problem as Israel Releases the Hounds

The sheer viciousness of the Hamas attack — with wanton slaughter of civilians, rape and the murder of babies showed humanity at its worst.

But the IDF is fighting back, with man’s best friend at its best.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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