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Gov. Abbott Fortifies Texas-New Mexico Border, Lone Star Troops Put Up Razor Wire Near State Line

Texas National Guard troops erect razor-wire barriers near the state border with New Mexico.
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The following article, Gov. Abbott Fortifies Texas-New Mexico Border, Lone Star Troops Put Up Razor Wire Near State Line, was first published on Flag And Cross.

As President Joe Biden’s regime fails to keep America’s southern border safe and secure, it has fallen to the states to do that job, and Texas has stepped up once again.

Members of the Texas National Guard have been laying razor wire on the border with Mexico, as most know. But this week, they were seen busily securing a different “Mexican” border.

Photos published by El Paso’s KFOX-TV show National Guard soldiers erecting razor-wire barriers in West Texas near the state’s border with New Mexico. The barriers are going up close to the city of Sunland Park, New Mexico.

“Migrants are entering New Mexico illegally then crossing into Texas. We are stopping it,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott posted on X on Monday.

The Sante Fe New Mexican reported in September that Sunland Park has recently become a “gateway” for illegal immigrants. As Texas fortifies its border, it stands to reason that illegals have begun seeking out easier paths into the country.

Sunland Park Mayor Javier Perea explained why his town is such a hot spot for illegal immigration.

“From my office I can walk over to El Paso, Texas, or I can walk into Juárez, Mexico,” he said. “But just as easily as I can walk over there, we have the issue of immigrants crossing over into the United States.”

Illegals can simply walk into Sunland Park through a wide gap in the steel fence separating the U.S. from Mexico, the New Mexican reported.

Unfortunately, the trend has had deadly consequences.

“The desert is very unforgiving in this area,” Perea said. “Within the municipal limits, we’ve found about 25 bodies this year alone.” About 80 bodies have been found outside city limits this year, as well.

The New Mexican noted that the El Paso border sector, which includes New Mexico, has seen a huge increase in illegal border crossings this year.

“Since the beginning of [fiscal year 2023], migrant encounters for the El Paso Sector are 364,092, up 59% compared to FY22,” Customs and Border Protection said in an August news release.

Fidel Baca, a Border Patrol agent and spokesman, told the New Mexican that the sector is the busiest in the nation.

“Right now, we are averaging over 900 people a day,” he said.

When the New Mexican reached out to Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham about border security, her press secretary said it’s not her job.

The state assists “the federal government with their needs, and at this time they have not reached out,” she said. “As we have always said, we have called on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform and we stand ready to assist Border Security if they request it.”

That’s not good enough for Abbott.

As Biden refuses to secure the wide-open border and get illegal immigration in check, the Texas governor is taking matters into his own hands.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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