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George Santos Goes Absolutely Berserk After Confrontation with Anti-Israel Protester

New York GOP Rep. became very animated after the encounter with a man critical of Israeli policy.
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The following article, George Santos Goes Absolutely Berserk After Confrontation with Anti-Israel Protester, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Politics, pandemonium and publicity all came together Friday afternoon as Republican Rep. George Santos of New York threw decorum to the winds while denouncing a critic of Israel.

As WABC-TV recounted the prelude to the explosion, two people were walking around the Longworth House Office Building, asking various members about what they were calling Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

According to The Hill, former Speaker Kevin McCarthy was approached and asked the question.

“I support Hamas being killed,” McCarthy said before walking away.

The group passed Santos, who is under fire for a variety of allegations. The New York congressman was holding a baby.

“One of my staffers’ baby. Look at this baby, Mr. Speaker,” Santos said. McCarthy stopped briefly and moved on, The Hill reported.

Santos was then asked the question about Israel’s actions in Gaza.

“Do not record the baby. Do not record this baby,” Santos said.

At some point, Santos parted with the baby and returned to confront the activists.

“Officer, officer, this is the gentleman that was accosting me when I had a two-month-old baby in my hands,” Santos said.

“You came in my personal space,” Santos said, pointing his finger at one of the activists.

Santos then called the man a “terrorist sympathizer.”

“You are human scum,” Santos said as a media scrum began to grow.

“What’s happening in Israel is abhorrent, that’s what it is, and the next time he tries to accost me with a child in my hands I want him out of here,” he  said.

“He is a f***ing terrorist sympathizer. You can go look at the video,” Santos yelled. “The gentleman back there is a terrorist sympathizer that has no business in this building. What is happening in Israel is abhorrent.”

“What is happening to the people of Israel should not be defended. Nobody defending Hamas has any business in this building, whether you’re elected, or whether you’re a civilian. It is a disgrace that we allow people to parade that kind of thought in here,” Santos said.

Capitol Police said Shabd Khalsa, 36, was charged with simple assault “after an officer witnessed him have physical contact with a Congressional Staffer in the Longworth Building,” according to the Daily Beast.

According to The Hill, the man identified himself as Shabd Singh, saying he was Jewish and opposed to Israel’s policies.

“My ancestors, entire branches of my family were killed in the Holocaust,” he said. “And I’m here to say, you cannot weaponize Jewish pain to continue the mass murder of civilians in Gaza.”



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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