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Ex-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger: Germany Has Made a ‘Grave Mistake’ with Immigration

The following article, Ex-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger: Germany Has Made a 'Grave Mistake' with Immigration, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Four years ago, while I was visiting my relatives in Munich, Germany, I was floored by the make-up of the inhabitants occupying the city. The majority didn’t seem German.

They seemed Muslim. The women were wearing hijabs, burquas, chadors. They moved in units with the Muslim men swarming around them and their children. None spoke German. They spoke a language that sounded Arabic.

During my time observing over several days, I never once saw Muslim men or women engage with German friends or families. No socializing occurred between them. There seemed to be an invisible wall erected between them.

This disturbed me, because that wall was made up of hostility and separateness between the two that couldn’t go unnoticed. I wondered how this had happened and who was at fault for the lack of cohesion between the Muslims and Germans.

What disturbed me further was that I hadn’t realized just how large the Muslim population had grown in Munich. It seemed that for every two German children walking with their parents, there were six or more Muslim kids doing the same.

I wondered how my German relatives felt about all of this. Their response wasn’t flattering when I asked. They blamed the Muslim population for their homeland’s current woes.

Mass immigration was plaguing the social security system and straining the economy in Germany. Entitlements given to Muslim families who chose not to assimilate were leaving little left for German families. All their hard work was now being used to care for Muslims who decided to show up and stay, leaving Germans to ask the government, “What about us?”

The German way of life was also being destroyed. Germans were resentful.

They blamed cheap labor and political guilt for the open-door policy instilled in their country. Now feeling very overrun by the number of Muslims living alongside them, the Germans felt displaced in their own country.

Sound familiar?

It is no different in the United States today. Not shutting down our open southern border was a huge mistake. The consequences have been and will continue to be dramatic.

Uncontrolled immigration is an error recently voiced by one of the most prominent names of the 20th century: former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

In an interview this week with Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner for Germany’s Welt TV, Kissinger described the alarming consequences suffered by countries that rolled out the welcome mat to a wide population of immigrants from varying countries.

The architect of foreign policy during the Vietnam War, Kissinger shared his criticism of immigration as he watched Arabs in Germany applaud Hamas’ brutal terrorist attacks on Israel over the weekend.

A German-born Jew whose family fled the Nazis and moved to the United States, Kissinger found the endorsement of Hamas in the streets of Berlin to be revolting.

“I do not have a grievance against the German people,” he told Döpfner. “I find celebrations about what happened — which technically was a sort of criminal act — as painful.”

“It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts, because it creates a pressure group inside each country that does that,” Kissinger said.

The concept of a cohesive “melting pot” sounds great in theory. The application, however, isn’t proving itself to be successful anywhere today over the long term. I don’t know of any country that is doing it well.

In the beginning, when populations were smaller and the culture ratio was much more agreeable, immigration might have seemed feasible and even advantageous. But the realities and even mishandling of the process resulted in an impossible situation between communities that were adopted into host countries and never stopped coming.

Population explosion and governments making it easy for immigrants “not to assimilate” changed the dynamic of each pro-immigration country altogether.

In the case of the United States, what went from controlled immigration in the beginning is no longer so. The privilege to enter our country has transitioned into “demand” or “forced entry.”

To that same end, the leniency “not to assimilate” became the expectation. Thus, Kissinger has a point.

Illegal immigrants have now turned the tables on the process, consistency and face of the United States. They now call the shots. Our insidious government is forcing us, the citizens, to bend to their will.

With the population overwhelmed and reflecting the same complaints of the German people, a national power struggle and total resentment are growing between nationals and legal immigrants.

The issue now, as explained by Kissinger, is that you can’t separate paint once it is mixed together. The United States is now a nation of many different cultures that exist as factions, with one, in particular, escalating in numbers to the degree that is causing strife as well as driving anger and fear.

Our melting pot is no longer blending well. In fact, it is inviting enormous danger within our shores.

We now live in a tribalistic, politically polarized national climate, a place where no one feels safe, the economy is collapsing, demographics are changing and emotions run high.

What we are witnessing is the reason Poland shut the door on immigrants without security clearances in 2015.  A member of the European Parliament from Poland spoke about the issue in a  riveting interview with Tucker Carlson this week. (The discussion begins around the 13:21 mark.)

The conversation shows how right Kissinger is.

It seems logical to cap immigration at the point it begins to destroy the health, welfare and morale of the host country.

Leadership isn’t being effective if it refuses to acknowledge reality. In the case of the United States, Germany and other pro-immigration countries, it is time to lock the door and take stock.

By not doing so and merely telling citizens to “suck it up” and “get along” while allowing further uncontrolled immigration, the Biden administration and Democrats have become the people’s enemy.

They are inducing a state of emergency and guaranteeing a total breakdown of our society.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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