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Fetterman Tells Colbert ‘America Is Not Sending Their Best and Brightest to DC’ Without a Hint of Irony

The following article, Fetterman Tells Colbert 'America Is Not Sending Their Best and Brightest to DC' Without a Hint of Irony, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Late night entertainment personality Stephen Colbert lost his juice the minute he left “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central in 2014. That’s how long it has been since he’s been worth watching.

His jokes are flat. His monologues are predictable. And his guests are pigeons of the left. They fly the way of liberalism. “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” is a propaganda machine for the Democratic party.

So surprise me not when Democratic Sen. John Fetterman showed up wearing his hoodie and signature shorts to trade insults with Colbert about his Republican constituents.

Not only is the man an embarrassment as a politician, he has downgraded the entire House and Senate in his refusal to represent the American people with a modicum of respectability and class. Additionally, trashing those he works alongside on national television just shows how despicable and unintelligent he is. Colbert and his crowd, however, loved Fetterman’s remark.

During his Wednesday appearance Colbert wanted to discuss Fetterman’s “strong meme game.”

“Is it awkward to be in the Capitol and then run into people that you have put up a devastating meme about because you’ve got excellent meme game, but then you have to see these people in the cafeteria?” Colbert asked, stroking Fetterman’s ego.

(For those of us, citizens, who actually expect our government to be more than clever meme creators, I question what value that skill adds to our national security, the rebuilding of our economy or our impending involvement in the Hamas-Israel war? To that same end, has Fetterman seen the scathing memes created by others about himself. Ones that compare him to a sanitation worker at the Capitol, the Senate’s auto mechanic, and more adequately portray how Fetterman is actually viewed by those he is supposed to represent? )

Is John Fetterman fit for office?

“You all need to know that America is not sending their best and brightest to Washington, D.C.,” the senator responded, garnering laughs from the audience. ”

Like sometimes, you literally, you just can’t believe, like you know, these people are making the decisions that are, you know, determining the government here. It’s actually scary, too,” he continued.

His words criticizing the intelligence of Republican senators and representatives only fuels the divide our entire nation is experiencing. A house divided shall fall. Isn’t his job to make the United States stronger? You can see his underbelly through his comments.

Conceivably, the only reason Fetterman captured his Senate seat is because he had the power of the great Democratic collective and money machine backing him. They needed another empty-headed, controllable body to count on from a key state.

A tree stump could have taken his place had one qualified for candidacy. I don’t say this to riff on Fetterman’s very real auditory and depression issues. Neither of these are funny, and I’m not one to sink so low.

Let’s be real, though, Fetterman is no rocket scientist. He’s a tool to be used in whatever way possible to grow and feather the bed of the Democratic party. He also showed what was important to him in this interview.

A few giggles are important to Fetterman; his concerns are very self-serving. If they weren’t, he wouldn’t have engaged in such shallow conversation designed to place the Republican party and his direct constituents in such poor light. It speaks a lot to his character, beyond his intelligence.

Ironically, what Fetterman doesn’t get is, “It is normally the least intelligent person in the room that doesn’t even realize exactly how stupid he is.” Seems like that classic statement holds true here as well.

That is the reason he now believes he is above those he serves alongside. He stands on huge shoulders, but it isn’t because he deserves to be there. It is because he is useful and obedient to the Democratic party, like President Joe Biden.

All I can say is Fetterman was right when he said to Colbert with such hubris that “America is not sending their best and brightest to D.C.” The man is the joke of the Senate, and he hasn’t a clue. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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