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Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls for Closed Border, Reform to ‘Stupid’ Immigration System

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks on ABC's "The View."
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The following article, Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls for Closed Border, Reform to 'Stupid' Immigration System, was first published on Flag And Cross.

One of the best-known immigrants in the United States is offering his perspective on the nation’s immigration policies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed the border crisis during a Monday appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

The “Terminator” actor and former California governor called for restoring security and integrity to the nation’s borders, speaking in response to a question from co-host Ana Navarro.

“First of all, I believe very strongly in having a border that no one can get through,” he said. “That’s number one for me.”

However, Schwarzenegger went on to defend a vision of immigration more closely aligned with the priorities of the Democratic Party.

The progressive Republican called for a liberal visa regime for potential workers — a policy long sought by corporate America to provide cheap labor.

“Number two, what is important is that we have visas available for people that want to work in the United States so they don’t have to work illegally,” he said.

Schwarzenegger claimed the United States had a shortage of available workers, going on to cite what he identified as the preferable work ethics of foreigners over Americans.

“We need the workers here,” he said.

“We should give them the visas so they can do it legally,” the Austria native said of those who would otherwise flout the immigration laws of the United States.

“It is a stupid system. The system is set up to commit a crime,” Schwarzenegger said of America’s immigration laws.

He said the solution is “comprehensive immigration reform.”

The Hollywood star advocated for stringent law enforcement against drug trafficking and smuggling at the border while reiterating his support for a system that would allow more people to enter the country legally.

Record-setting levels of illegal aliens have breached the nation’s borders since President Joe Biden took office and reversed the border security measures implemented by his predecessor, Donald Trump, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

Immigration negatively affects the earnings of American workers, according to a 2013 CIS study authored by Harvard economist George Borjas.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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