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Woke Nevada Law School ‘Apologizes’ for Using ‘Racist’ Word ‘Picnic for Event

The following article, Woke Nevada Law School ‘Apologizes’ for Using ‘Racist’ Word ‘Picnic for Event, was first published on .

The University of Nevada Las Vegas law school is falling all over itself to apologize for using the “racist” word “picnic” to describe a picnic event that it had planned for students.

No, seriously.

To satisfy “diversity,” the school decided to change its description of the event a “lunch by the lake,” instead of that evil word “picnic.”

Oh, the humanities.

The news was reported by the indispensable Libs of TikTok in a memo put out by the pandering school saying that they apologized for “any harm or discomfort” that may have occurred by its use of that terrible, terrible “P” word.

The word has been a target of left-wingers for several years who have promulgated the absurd claim that the word was used by white racists who took their families to picnics to watch lynchings of blacks in the south during the Jim Crow era.

For instance, back in 2020, the University of Michigan pushed out a memorandum that warned students of a list of words they were no longer allowed to say because they are “racist.” Picnic was on that list, the College Fix reported at the time.

“To effectively communicate with customers, it is important for ITS to evaluate the terms and language conventions that may hinder effective communication, harm morale, and deliberately or inadvertently exclude people from feeling accepted to foment a healthy and inclusive culture,” the memorandum said.

Despite the idiotic claim, even left-wing Reuters noted in 2020 that the word does not originate from racist lynchings.

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