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US Pastor Accused of Hundreds of Despicable Acts Against 7-Year-Old Family Member

The following article, US Pastor Accused of Hundreds of Despicable Acts Against 7-Year-Old Family Member, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A pastor from Houston, Texas appeared in court on Monday to face charges of raping and impregnating an underage family member, local media have confirmed.

KPRC-TV reported that an arrest warrant had been issued for 39-year-old Robert L. Carter. He has since been charged with repeated sexual assault of the child.

In an arrest warrant obtained by the local media outlet, it is claimed that Carter began sexually assaulting the child when she was 7 years old by entering her bedroom and performing sex acts upon her.

Those assaults allegedly took place around 600 times and continued throughout her childhood until she reached her late teens.

The warrant claims that Carter would assault the child in a variety of locations, including her grandmother’s home, a parking lot and at his office in the Greater Bible Way Church in Sunnyside.

At the age of 16, she gave birth to a child of whom Carter was the father. The baby was dropped off at a fire station for adoption, although she is now working to get the child back in her custody.

The girl’s father, who refused to be identified in order to protect his daughter’s identity, described Carter as a “monster.”

“She had been around this monster since she was about six years old,” he said in an interview with KPRC-TV.

“What if she would’ve died that night? She had that baby in the closet, by herself. He came and got the baby and took the baby to a fire station and dropped the baby off.”

“He’s (Carter) always been big to her,” he continued. “I had to realize that she had been fearful.”

He also accused Carter of living a “lie” in his religious profession, with the Black Preaching Network even listing him as an accredited bishop and senior pastor.

“Bishop Carter is presently serving as Founding & Senior Pastor of Houston’s Best Kept Secret Exposed, the Sanctuary Church of Jesus Christ, located in Downtown Houston and ministers in one of Houston’s most depreciated and economically disadvantaged communities, Sunnyside,” the website states.

“He is married to the love of his life and best friend, Lady Lanette Carter, and together they have four children, Lawrence, Cameron, Layla and T. Jeremiah Carter,” it adds.

“I don’t understand how you can carry yourself, walk around preaching the word, and live a lie,” the girl’s father said.

“How? How could you even get aroused?” he added. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Carter’s bond was set at $100,000. If convicted, he faces up to a lifetime in prison.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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