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MSNBC Host Issues Disgusting Response to Hamas’ Slaughter of Civilians – He Doesn’t Blame the Terrorists

Ayman Mohyeldin, MSNBC host and analyst, appears on "Velshi" Saturday morning.
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The following article, MSNBC Host Issues Disgusting Response to Hamas' Slaughter of Civilians - He Doesn't Blame the Terrorists, was first published on Flag And Cross.

It’s predictable, but still it’s revolting.

On the same day terrorists launched a surprise attack on southern Israel from their base in the Gaza Strip, an MSNBC host and analyst was already on American television screens casting blame for the bloodshed.

And for Ayman Mohyeldin, the blame lies everywhere but where it truly belongs.

Mohyeldin appeared on MSNBC’s “Velshi” to provide the leftist network’s viewers with a leftist spin on the attack that has so far cost more than 600 Israeli lives with thousands more wounded, with an unknown number of civilians and soldiers taken prisoner.

And the leftist spin was, all too predictably, that the violence is the fault of its victims.

Should Mohyeldin apologize and condemn Hamas?

Israel’s inability to live peaceably next to the cancerous, terrorist regime of Hamas, and instead pursue peace opportunities with the larger Arab world, is the reason it has been hit with a literal invasion from a semi-state run by barbarians that’s carved into its southern territory.

“What we’re seeing today are very deadly consequences of failed policies,” Mohyeldin said at about the 3:50 mark of the video below.

“Failure on the American administration’s part to change course, to take a different course of action with how we deal with the Palestinians and the Israelis. Failure on Israel’s part. Failure on the region’s part to not be able to say, this is an issue that matters.”

Notice anyone missing from that formulation? Like the guys who launched thousands of missiles at civilian targets? Or the leaders who had to spend months planning an operation of mass murder that, considering Israel’s geographical size and population, dwarfed what the attacks of 9/11 meant to the United States?

For Mohyeldin, who hosts an eponymous program on MSNBC, there’s no blame to attach to Hamas leaders or their foot soldiers. Not for the men who planned the strategy nor the killers on the ground.

And, of course, he didn’t have a bad word to say about the terrorism-sponsoring regime in Iran, which, as National Review suggested, almost certainly had a hand in the Saturday attack — if only to give it approval.

As Politico reported, Tehran’s foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani had nothing but praise for the attack.

“What took place today is in line with the continuation of victories for the anti-Zionist resistance in different fields, including Syria, Lebanon and occupied lands,” Kanani said, according to Politico.

(That’s the country President Joe Biden’s administration is giving $6 billion. He can’t even buy friends.)

Only Israel is to blame — and, naturally, its American supporters are worth calling out by name in Mohyeldin’s view.

It’s obscene.

Fortunately, social media users — like sane moral human beings anywhere — could see right through that sophistry — and shamed MSNBC  for the attempt.

In one sense, Mohyeldin did have a point, when he noted that Israel had struck deals with Muslim nations that had been sworn to its destruction.

(The Abraham Accords brokered by President Donald Trump were the region’s biggest steps toward what could be at least hope for a lasting peace since Israel declared its statehood in 1948.)

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Under Netanyahu, Israel looking beyond the obviously intractable Palestinian leadership to the broader Muslim world — possibly hoping that someday Palestinians will get tired of being led by men who treat them like either cattle or cannon fodder. For the Mohyeldins of the world, though, that’s too much to ask.

To them, apparently, the Palestinians living under the savage rule of Hamas in the Gaza Strip have no responsibility for their own lives — their misery is inflicted by Israel, and for that Israelis must die.

To believe such evil is one thing. To say it out loud is another. To say it out loud in the wake of an ongoing attack, where the bodies aren’t even counted yet, much less buried, when the men, women and children taken hostage aren’t even known to their loved ones yet is simply beneath human decency, or contempt.

But it’s MSNBC and left. Mohyeldin was just one of the first apologists for mass murder to justify this attack on Israel in the leftist media. There will be more coming — and a lot of it.

It’s predictable — and revolting.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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