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Watch: Abortion Activist Commits Truly Disgusting Act as Part of Mob Disrupting Pro-Life Campus Display

The following article, Watch: Abortion Activist Commits Truly Disgusting Act as Part of Mob Disrupting Pro-Life Campus Display, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A member of a pro-life student organization said abortion protesters mobbed her campus display table last week, screaming in her face, tearing up her information pamphlets and even attempting to eat her tiny, life-size fetal development models.

“It’s so yummy!” the harasser said, mockingly rubbing her stomach after spitting the plastic preborn baby model back out into the pro-lifer’s hand.

Savannah Craven, a member of Students for Life of America, wrote on the SFLA website that the incident — which took place at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, New York — wasn’t even the first time protesters have done such things to her during her visits to college campuses.

“I saw someone eat a fetal model at Hunter College, as well,” Craven wrote. “Another SFLA team member just had this happen last week at Binghamton University, too.”

The mob eventually grew so hostile that Craven said she had to be escorted away by campus police, but the angry protesters escalated their attack.

“They even went so far as to jump on the police car to prevent me from leaving safely,” Craven wrote.

WARNING: The following video contains language and graphic imagery that some may find disturbing.

Craven said she visited the campus to ask students the question, “Should America fund Planned Parenthood?”

“Yet while this was meant to merely prompt peaceful and thoughtful discussions on campus, I learned once again that the abortion lobby is never up for that,” she wrote in her account of the visit.

In addition to the preborn baby models, which depict fetal development at various stages, Craven’s display included 1,025 pink staked crosses “to represent the lives lost to Planned Parenthood nationwide every single day.”

“Together with two OCC students, we were looking forward to making a positive, pro-life mark on campus,” she said.

Abortion activists quickly began to swarm the display.

“An angry student approached, yelling profanities at me, kicking my display, and threatening to get me thrown off campus,” Craven recalled.

Campus police showed up, “but when they realized what was going on (perfectly legal activity within my First Amendment rights), they dismissed the pro-abortion student and walked away after a few minutes of monitoring.”

When the police left, the ugliness quickly escalated.

Some screamed that Craven “wasn’t providing resources to help women.”

“Except that’s exactly what I was doing,” she explained. “As a pro-lifer genuinely concerned for women, I had a Sexual Assault Hotline resource, local pregnancy center resources, and information about SFLA’s Standing With You supportive services initiative to hand out.

“They were just mad I wasn’t handing out condoms.”

Members of the mob tore up her materials and stomped on her display of pink crosses.

“One large, pro-abortion man was screaming so loud at me and getting so close that he was actually spitting on me,” Craven wrote.

“I asked him multiple times to back away, and he didn’t. He told me, ‘I’m not sure if I can control myself but I will try.'”

The intimidation tactic, Craven said, “didn’t work.”

“Only one student spoke up for me and defended me from the names that I was being called,” Craven continued. “School staff members passed by the event and said nothing as the crowd became bigger, louder, and began closing in on me.”

When it was time for Craven to leave to attend another community event, she said, “I was still packed inside the abortion supporters’ loud mob. Seeing my distress, campus police escorted me safely out of the situation but not without being actually chased by the mob.”

That’s when some of them even jumped on the police car in which she sought shelter.

Craven said the mistreatment from the mob at OCC did not deter her from continuing her efforts to speak out for the unborn.

“As a member of the Pro-Life Generation, this is the cross we have to bear in order to fight for preborn lives,” she said. “And it actually inspires me to get out there again, continuing to support and love every life.”



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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