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(VIDEO) Candace Owens Torches Transgender Activist: ‘I’m Too Pregnant for This

The following article, (VIDEO) Candace Owens Torches Transgender Activist: ‘I’m Too Pregnant for This, was first published on .

By Rachel M. Emmanuel,

Daily Wire host Candace Owens is on tour with Turning Point USA, and she’s on fire.

During an appearance at New York’s University at Albany, the very pregnant Owens was asked a question by a student who clearly had a problem with the outspoken conservative being on campus.

When the conservative crowd tried to drown out the question, Owens asked them to quiet down so that she could give the young woman the courtesy of hearing her question.

“What do you have to say to the trans students on this campus who feel actively victimized by your presence here?” the student asked.

Owens’ pithy response: “Life’s tough, get a helmet, man.”

“I’m too pregnant for this,” Owens added as she moved on to the next question.

Owens posted the clip on X with the caption, “I am over 8 months pregnant with two toddlers at home. If you are a 20 year old adult who feels “actively victimized” by my standing on stage to speak about social and economic conservatism, it is because your parents failed you, entirely.”

“It is not my job to coddle adults,” she added.

Owens said what everyone is thinking, but is too worried about backlash to say.

There are places in this world where actual “victimization” takes place.

In China, Uyghurs are being tortured, raped and sent to “reeducation” camps, according to the Associated Press.

In Manipur, India, 4,500 buildings and homes belonging to Christians, and almost 400 churches have been destroyed by Hindu extremists. Two women were raped and paraded naked on the street as a symbol of the hate against Christians, as reported in the AP and Open Doors UK.

There are even places in the world where being gay can put you in danger for your life.

The University at Albany, with or without Candace Owens’ presence, is not one of those places.

Colleges used to be a preparation ground for the rigors of life. You learned how to live without your parents, to take responsibility for your own actions, and to be self-sufficient.

But colleges today have become “affirmation” clinics, where children are encouraged to remain in a Peter Pan fantasy world where money grows on trees and the government provides for all your needs.

You’re not taught to be a man or a woman of substance anymore.

You’re not even taught to be a man or woman anymore.

The two sentences Candace Owens said to that young woman were probably the best education she will get in four years of college.

She might realize it after she stops hyperventilating at being spoken to like that.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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