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Watch: Reporter Rushes 100-Year-Old Henry Kissinger, Pulls Shameless Move While He’s Still in His Wheelchair

This Twitter screen shot shows an aide to Henry Kissinger trying to dissuade a reporter.
@mideastXmidwest / Twitter Screen Shot

The following article, Watch: Reporter Rushes 100-Year-Old Henry Kissinger, Pulls Shameless Move While He's Still in His Wheelchair, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was bum-rushed by a reporter on Thursday who asked him about alleged “war crimes” he said were committed by the U.S. during the Nixon administration.

Kissinger, who turned 100 in May and is the last surviving member of President Richard Nixon’s cabinet, did not answer any of the questions but instead remained silent in his wheelchair.

The centenarian had just addressed a conference when he was accosted by reporter Jonathan Guyer with the far-left outlet Vox.

On a sidewalk, Kissinger was approached by Guyer, who said, “Dr. Kissinger, it’s also 50 years since Pinochet, do you have any reflections on Pinochet?”

Kissinger remained quiet while those around him prepared to help him leave the event by car.

A member of Kissinger’s detail then asked Guyer politely to back off, but the left-wing, Michael Moore-style ambush did not end.

Guyer then asked, “Dr. Kissinger, any comment on Cambodia, Laos five decades later? A lot of alleged war crimes have been documented by historians and reporters.”

Kissinger remained quiet.

Guyer then again said, “Dr. Kissinger, 50 years since Pinochet. Any comment on 50 years since the military junta empowered in Chile?”

Kissinger never responded.

The hack of a reporter was referring to U.S. intervention in the country, which led to a 1973 coup resulting in the death of Chilean President Salvadore Allende and the installment of military general Augusto Pinochet.

Pinochet, an anti-socialist, ruled the country with an iron fist until 1990.

In regard to Cambodia and Laos, the Nixon administration’s point man on foreign policy has long taken heat for campaigns in both countries during the Vietnam War resulting in the death of civilians.

War is hell, after all.

Kissinger, who served this country with distinction as a private in the U.S. Army during World War II, certainly has a complicated legacy.

He fled Nazi persecution in his native country of Germany with his family in the 1930s and worked his way from a New York City student with a thick German accent to the Secretary of State and National Security Adviser throughout the Nixon and Ford administrations.

Some will forever remember him as a war hawk whose decisions and influence resulted in the deaths of countless people.

Others view Kissinger as a man whose sole purpose in life was to prevent the spread of the cancers that are communism and fascism.

But no matter how one feels about Kissinger, the man is 100-years old, and allegations he committed “war crimes” have never resulted in any charges.

Kissinger advised a government that was dealing with the constant threat of nuclear winter from the tyrants in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

There is more nuance to his career than human casualties and the man people blame them on.

By the way, Guyer is no objective reporter. The man bragged over the summer that he “crashed” Kissinger’s 100th birthday party.

Depending on who is asking the question, Kissinger was either a butcher or a hero during the height of his influence.

But in 2023, he’s a man who is living out his final days on this planet and he deserves the respect of being left alone.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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