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Star MLB Pitcher Posts Secret Video, Texts That Obliterate #MeToo Accuser’s Career-Derailing Claims: ‘I Already Have My Hooks In’

Former MLB player Trevor Bauer shared evidence on social media that he said had been withheld from him and his legal team.
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The following article, Star MLB Pitcher Posts Secret Video, Texts That Obliterate #MeToo Accuser's Career-Derailing Claims: 'I Already Have My Hooks In', was first published on Flag And Cross.

Ex-Major League Baseball pitcher Trevor Bauer is speaking out after years of being caught up in a controversial sexual assault claim that has finally been settled in court. Now he is presenting the evidence he says proves his innocence and also claims that his accuser’s lawyers knew it all along.

Bauer was a National League Cy Young Award winner and had also been the highest-paid MLB player prior to the allegations, but once his accuser went public, his career was destroyed as the Dodgers first suspended, then cut him, and no other U.S. team would pick him up as a free agent. Bauer ended up having to play in Japan to continue his career.

But on Oct. 3, the pro baseball pitcher posted a video to social media, revealing his part of the two-year struggle in court.

The now-former MLB star posted several texts that allegedly came from his accuser, Lindsey Hill, texts that Bauer says her lawyers knew about from day one.

Bauer contended that the texts show that Hill had set him up from the beginning to falsely accuse him of sexual assault so she could “get in” on his $51 million fortune.

The player presented a text reading, “Next victim. Star pitcher for the dodgers,” that court documents say came from Hill’s phone.

Another in which Hill allegedly pointed out that Bauer is quite rich: “Net worth is 51 mil”

Then he posted texts that revealed her plan to bilk him of his money.

  • “Im going to his house Wednesday. I already have my hooks in. You know how I roll.”
  • “need daddy to choke me out”
  • “Being an absolute WHORE to get in on his 51 million.”

In her sexual assault accusations, Hill claimed that she was physically assaulted during a sexual encounter with Bauer and that she was traumatized. But Bauer posted a video the woman apparently took of herself lying next to him in bed with a smirk on her face and without any injuries.

“Her legal team has approached me multiple times about coming to a financial settlement, but, as I have done since day one, I refused to pay her even a single cent,” Bauer said.

“Now over the last two years, I’ve been forced to defend my integrity and my reputation in a very public setting, but hopefully this is the last time I have to do so, as I’d prefer to just remain focused on doing my job, winning baseball games and entertaining fans around the world,” he said.

Bauer was never hit with any actual charges because prosecutors declined to indict him, saying that they could not find enough evidence to substantiate Hill’s claims. But that did not prevent Hill from hauling Bauer into court in lawsuits aimed at making him pay up, despite a lack of any charges against him.

Ultimately, this has all been resolved in court.

Hill and Bauer dropped their lawsuits against each other. Neither Bauer nor Hill paid anything to the other and Hill’s attorneys noted that her insurance company paid her $300,000 and that was settlement enough for them.

According to The Blaze, Hill’s attorney said the resolution was “outstanding” for Lindsey, and added, “Even better, Lindsey received $300,000 from her insurance company. Based on that payment, Lindsey agreed to settle the lawsuit. Now that the lawsuit is over, Lindsey looks forward to helping others.”

But Bauer’s attorney also pointed out the settlement was good for the baseball star and that he neither paid anything to Hill, nor was proven guilty on any count.

“Mr. Bauer did not make – and never has made – any payments to Ms. Hill, including to resolve their litigation,” Bauer’s attorneys said. “With this matter now at rest, Mr. Bauer can focus completely on baseball.”

In his video, Bauer added, “I’m happy to be moving on with my life.”

Still, in a response to Elon Musk who asked if Hill’s attorneys knew of all the texts, Bauer said that they did.

“It appears her lawyers had the evidence the entire time. Speaking specifically about the video of her laying in bed next to me with no marks on her face the morning after she claims I brutally attacked her, an email containing that video was sent to her attorney Bryan Freedman before the DVRO hearing in 2021 and it was never turned over to us. Perhaps that’s why he insisted on adding his name to the released parties section in the settlement agreement,” Bauer wrote.

“There was also a 12 day span of texts between Lindsey and two of her closest friends immediately following the incident that were deleted. We asked for them in discovery for the dvro, they weren’t turned over. We also argued that they must be turned over in the dvro proceeding. They were not. Lindsey Hill’s other law firm, Meyer Olson Lowy and Meyers LLP, who co represented her through that court process, had them the whole time,” he added.

But as far as Bauer is concerned, he is vindicated and the tens of thousands he spent on legal representation was worth it.

“Quite frankly, regardless of the outcome in court, I’ve paid significantly more in legal fees than Lindsey Hill could ever pay me in her entire life, and I knew that would be the case going in,” he said in his social media post. “But the lawsuit was never about the money for me. It was the only way for me to obtain critical information to clear my name.”



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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