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Exhausted Police Capture Speedy Rogue Monkey Who Eluded Them for Hours

Momo the monkey got loose in Indianapolis.
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The following article, Exhausted Police Capture Speedy Rogue Monkey Who Eluded Them for Hours, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Police in Indianapolis were able to capture a monkey who escaped from a private residence on Wednesday and spent the better part of a day evading them.

The department said in a social media post Wednesday evening that the animal was on the lam and that its officers were helping Indianapolis Animal Care Services with the search.

“There are reports of minor injuries from the monkey but we can’t confirm it is from bites,” the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said on X.

It shared a photo of the rogue monkey, named Momo.

WTTV-TV in Indianapolis reported the escape occurred when Momo was spooked by a barking dog. The primate jumped into a tree and was unable to be corralled by his owner.

After an effort by the owner to get Momo to come home with a peach was unsuccessful, he called for help. Others soon called about the escapee.

Police officers and animal control were called to help, but Momo was able to stay ahead of them.

After hours upon hours of searching, police posted on Thursday morning that the hunt was over and that their fugitive was in custody.

“CAPTURED,” the department posted online alongside a monkey emoji.

“Momo the monkey has been captured safely. That was more than enough monkey business for us,” it said.

The IMPD also thanked everyone in the community who helped search for the exotic animal.

CBS News reported that Wednesday was not the first time Momo had gotten loose. His last escape was in July.

The network also identified him as a patas monkey. Such animals have a top speed of 34 miles per hour, according to the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center.

There are no laws on the books in Indiana that ban ownership of patas monkeys or any other primates, according to WKDQ-FM in Evansville, Indiana.

While the state lists numerous animals that can be pets with some restrictions, monkeys are not among them.

Some animals that are legal to own in Indiana include skunks, tigers, crocodiles and even bears.

While those animals are classified by the state as a “real or potential threat to human safety,” they are legal to own as long as they are kept in an enclosure.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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