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Watch: Biden Drops First Trump Attack Ad of 2024 Campaign, Touts Auto Jobs Record Amid Crippling Strike

The following article, Watch: Biden Drops First Trump Attack Ad of 2024 Campaign, Touts Auto Jobs Record Amid Crippling Strike, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Republican primary voters haven’t yet chosen their nominee for the 2024 presidential election, but the incumbent Democrat seems to think he knows who he’ll be running against next year.

President Joe Biden’s campaign has released its first attack ad of the campaign, and its only target is former President Donald Trump.

“He says he stands with Auto Workers but as president Donald Trump passed tax breaks for his rich friends while automakers shuttered their plants and Michigan lost manufacturing jobs,” the ad, which is running in the Wolverine state, claims as it shows Trump on a golf course.

“Joe Biden said he’d stand up for workers and he’s delivering, passing laws that are increasing wages and creating good paying jobs,” it continues, ignoring the fact that in the United States, the president doesn’t “pass laws.”

“Manufacturing is coming back to Michigan because Joe Biden doesn’t just talk; he delivers,” the spot claims.

You can watch the entire 30-second spot, titled “Delivers,” here:

The ad dropped in Michigan a day after Biden’s first-of-its-kind visit to the striking autoworkers’ picket line in Detroit and a day before Trump visited with workers on Wednesday.

According to The Hill, it will run in major cities in the battleground state, forming one part of a 16-week advertising campaign that the Biden team is dropping $25 million on in various battleground states.

Holding Michigan in 2024 is “essential” for Biden to win re-election in 2024, The Hill said.

Trump beat former first lady Hillary Clinton in 2016 in the state, then lost to Biden there by 2.8 points — a little over 150,000 votes.

“More empty promises in Michigan or anywhere else can’t erase Donald Trump’s egregious failures and broken promises to America’s workers,” Biden spokesman Kevin Munoz told The Hill in a statement. “He can’t hide his anti-labor, anti-jobs record from the countless American workers he’s let down.”

“This election will be a choice between President Biden’s real advocacy for working Americans and a rerun of billionaire Donald Trump’s broken promises to the middle class,” he claimed.

On Friday, members of the United Auto Workers union added two plants to their walk-out locations, a Ford plant and a General Motors plant.

Never before has an auto worker strike affected all “Big Three” Detroit auto manufacturers, according to Reuters.

One of the key issues that led workers to strike is wages, raising the question of how a Biden ad touting a record of “creating good paying jobs” will be received by striking workers and their families and friends.

About 7,000 workers have now walked off the job, according to a statement by UAW President Shawn Fain cited by Reuters.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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