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People See Wholesome Overseas McDonald’s Ad, Realize What the Company’s Doing Here

McDonald's presents markedly different images on its Japanese social media post, left, compared to that used in the United States, right.
@McDonaldsJapan / X screen shot; @mcdonalds / X screen shot

The following article, People See Wholesome Overseas McDonald's Ad, Realize What the Company's Doing Here, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A McDonald’s advertisement in a foreign country is going viral after people realized just how different it is from advertisements here.

On Wednesday, McDonald’s Japan released a cute and wholesome ad on social media that showed an anime family happily enjoying a meal from McDonald’s while spending quality time together.

This simple advertisement immediately went viral internationally, especially among Americans.

On the surface, it is hard to see why such a simple ad made such waves.

One journalist, however, had an answer: Westerners have forgotten what it means for a company to have messaging that appeals to the human experience. Instead of that, we’re subjected to divisive, politically-charged virtue signaling.

Compare this Japanese advertisement to an ad released by McDonald’s in 2020 that featured a black transgender activist who goes by the name of Imara Jones saying, “Black trans women have a very simple message: Stop killing us.”

The theme of the bizarre advertisement, as well as the timing, suggests that this was McDonald’s way of pandering to the woke left in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

It is unclear how McDonald’s thought that this ad would help bring in more customers or sell more food, especially with how politically divided the nation was and still is.

With this in mind, I think it is correct to say that the Japanese anime ad appeals to Westerners because it is wholesome and unifying, compared to the divisive political “ads” that companies in the West produce today.

Should McDonald’s change its strategy toward American consumers?

Frankly, advertisements in the West are no longer advertisements, but rather vehicles for leftist propaganda.

This is not to say that McDonald’s or any major company should be holding the conservative line in the culture wars.

It is a fast-food company, and its first priority should be making good food, not creating divisive political messaging.

The Japanese McDonald’s has realized this. The American company should take a lesson from this.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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