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Good News from Calif. For a Change, State Will Lose 5 Congressional Seats in 2030

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There is some good news and some bad news from California. The good news is, its rapidly shrinking population will mean it will lose five seats in Congress by 2030.

This is great news. The more seats the communists lose the better.

The bad news is that the seats they’ll lose will probably be Republican seats when the crooked commies in the state legislature get done Gerrymandering their new congressional map.

Still, it is proof positive that California is losing its once commanding position as the fastest growing, most populous state in the union.

And it’s a good thing over all.

According to new data compiled by The American Redistricting Project, California is forecasted to lose five additional seats in Congress by the 2030 reapportionment cycle, Red State’s Matt Dempsey wrote.

“Their forecasting model uses data provided by the United States Census Bureau, which has shown a steady decline in the population of California since 2020, the date of the last census. In fact, since the 2020 census, California has seen a net loss of 508,903 residents. This again begs the question, if California is the place to be, according to Governor Gavin Newsom, why is the state in such a state of rapid decline?”

Red State added:

Californians are being taxed to death; its residents pay the highest sales tax, the highest state income tax, and are the 4th highest taxed overall in the nation. Which means we have less money to spend on daily needs. The burden is further compounded by the high cost of living, with California taking the 4th highest cost of living position in the nation. Housing costs are particularly high, with the average home costing over $800,000. This has made it difficult for many families to afford to live in California and has led to residents leaving in search of more affordable living.

Californians also pay the most for basic necessities such as housing, food, and healthcare, compared to the rest of the nation. The high tax rates have made it more difficult for people to make ends meet and are driving businesses out of the state. Their tax policies are hurting Californians and are a major reason for California’s failed state status.

Everything that hurts California is good for the U.S.A.

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