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Biden’s Failed ‘Bidenomics’ Sends Grocery Prices Soaring Nearly 20%

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Americans are losing more economic ground nearly every day under Joe Biden’s punishing “Bidenomics” policies and the latest is affecting every Americans from the lowest economic rung to the top one perfect as his policies have sent food prices soaring nearly 20 percent.

New data from the Department of Labor shows that Biden is causing us all to pay 19.6 percent more at the grocery store.

Food prices have risen 0.2 percent in August after climbing 0.3 percent in July, the DoL reports.

Per Breitbart News:

Food prices have been on an almost relentless rise since Biden took office, with food inflation becoming a constant feature of the American economy after nearly a decade of m mostly stable prices. Prices for groceries have been up on a monthly basis in all but three months of Biden’s presidency.

The cumulative effect has been devastating for the budgets of many households. Since February 2021, food-at-home prices are up 19.6 percent.

Even though the rate of increases has declined since last year, when food prices were up 13 percent compared with the year before, there is no sign of a return to the pre-Biden price levels. Instead, food prices seem to be settling into a permanently higher price level and a persistently higher rate of monthly increases.

Prices all across the board rose, the report added.

And eating out is even worse:

Dining out also got pricier in August. The index for “food away from home” rose 0.3 percent. Fast food meals rose 0.3 percent and full-service restaurant prices rose 0.2 percent. Compared with a year ago, food away from home prices are up 6.5 percent, including a 6.7 percent increase in fast food meals and 5.3 percent increase in full service restaurant meals.

Biden has taken away every penny of the rise in wages and more, making every American poorer since he took office.

If you vote Democrat in 2024 you are a menace and enemy to the poor and middle classes.

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