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Virginia Dad Criminally Charged After Exploding at Loudoun County Education Officials Gets Massive News from Governor

The following article, Virginia Dad Criminally Charged After Exploding at Loudoun County Education Officials Gets Massive News from Governor, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The glue that holds the country together is a checks-and-balances system designed to ensure that power is not abused. The system is under attack by progressive ideologues who sit up at night dreaming of insidious schemes to do away with our justice system and replace it with totalitarian one-party rule.

These same powermongers promote transgender ideology and despise the traditional family.

When progressive ideology and a father’s love for his child clash, these lunatics try to cover up heinous crimes against the innocent to protect their precious nonreality from being exposed for what it is — a sham.

It remains to be seen if the progressives have infiltrated the justice system with a sufficient number of political activists to compromise its integrity. There are some signs the justice system will hold.

In one example of the system’s strength when pushed to its limits, Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia has granted Scott Smith — a father prosecuted and convicted for doing what he felt he had to protect his daughter — a pardon.

In 2021, Smith confronted the Loudoun County School Board after his daughter was sexually assaulted at school by a boy wearing a skirt. The angry father was arrested during the emotional encounter.

In an interview with Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday,” Youngkin said, “We righted a wrong.”

He recounted that Smith’s daughter had been sexually assaulted in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School and the Loudoun County School Board tried to cover it up.

“Even worse,” the governor continued, “what then happened was the perpetrator was moved to another school and sexually assaulted another young woman. This was a gross miscarriage of justice.”

The board attempted to cover up the sexual assault by voting not to release an independent report on the school district’s handling of the two assaults in question. It cited attorney-client privilege and privacy concerns for the student in an effort to squash the report.

Two years ago, the board approved a policy allowing boys who identify as female to use girls’ bathrooms. The board members were pushing transgender ideology and would allow nothing to get in their way.

On May 28, 2021, a 14-year-old boy entered a girls’ bathroom wearing a skirt and sexually assaulted Smith’s daughter. The board knew about the incident before it voted to suppress the independent report.

Three months later, Smith went to a school board meeting to get some answers because nothing of note was happening about his daughter’s situation. He got upset at being stonewalled. Loudoun County sheriff’s deputies arrested him.

Smith’s conviction of resisting arrest was eventually tossed out, according to WJLA-TV in Washington, but he was preparing to appeal the disorderly conduct conviction.

With Youngkin’s pardon, he no longer has to.

Should there be a larger investigation into what happened in Loudoun County?

“I think it’s pretty clear and convincing to the public that what happened to me that day should have never happened,” Smith told WJLA.

When asked about the governor’s pardon, he said, “I really appreciate what he has done because when he campaigned, he made it very clear that if he was elected he would do what he could to get to the bottom of what happened to not just my family but everything that was going on in Loudoun County.”

The Smith family is preparing to file lawsuits against Loudoun County officials, WJLA reported.

The tables, thank goodness, have turned.

The problem is that the case had to get all the way to the governor’s desk before justice was meted out. Progressive activists are bent on clogging up the courts in the hopes they will see favorable decisions by judges with similar political delusions. Then there is the appeals process which can take a lot of time and money. Sometimes the appeals go all the way to the top.

Progressives seek to intimidate the average citizen into doing nothing, even when their children are under attack. Make no mistake, LGBT activists are after your children. Scott Smith was up to the fight, and it paid off for him in the end.

But what about the next case? What if it involves you?

Progressives target citizens who resist their hostile takeover of America and label them as criminals.

Smith’s pardon offers some hope that the justice system will hold against the progressive onslaught. Time will tell.

For now, I’m betting on the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and the courage of men like Scott Smith.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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