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One-Armed All-American Softball Player’s Story Captured in Inspirational Film Titled ‘I Can’

The following article, One-Armed All-American Softball Player's Story Captured in Inspirational Film Titled 'I Can', was first published on Flag And Cross.

The new inspirational movie, “I Can,” hitting theaters later this month, offers a powerful example of how people can overcome life’s adversities through faith and perseverance.

It is based on the true story of All-American softball player Katelyn Pavey, who earned a scholarship to play college ball, despite a birth deformity that resulted in her having a stunted left arm.

“Whatever adversity that you’re faced with, you can always find a way. With God, all things are possible,” Pavey said is the message of the film and her life.

The Indiana native appeared on track in high school to earn a college scholarship when a serious injury placed her dreams in doubt.

In the film, Pavey’s mother Salena, portrayed by Amanda Verkamp, tells Katelyn (Danner Brown), “I would do anything to make all of this better for you, but only God can do that.”

Katelyn at this difficult moment wonders why God allowed it all to happen in the first place.

“Why didn’t He? God — Why didn’t He make me all better?” Katelyn asks. “I mean, first I’m born like this and it’s fine, it’s whatever,” looking toward her left arm. “You get over it and you move on. But softball, it’s … I was really good, Mom.”

Salena responds, “You are really good.” She adds that God does some of His best work through adversity, teaching lessons that do not come in easy times.

The biblical verse Romans 8:28 comes to mind: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

In that vein, “I Can” also grapples with the subject of God’s ability to redeem even the poor or sinful choices people make, if they turn to him.

Katelyn was born as the result of an adulterous affair her parents had.

In the film, Katelyn’s father, Eric Pavey (Jeff Armstrong), wrestles with the guilt that his daughter’s deformity was somehow God’s punishment for the affair. And Katelyn’s potentially career-ending injury brings all those feelings back to the surface.

“I Can” authentically deals with the stuff people face in life and leaves the audience hopeful about God’s ability to redeem it all.

“Many are calling I CAN the most inspirational true story of its kind since ‘Soul Surfer,'” Brad Silverman, one of the film’s producers, said in an email to The Western Journal.

“The real family on which the film is based insists on not receiving a penny from movie ticket sales,” he added. “Instead, all proceeds will go to disabled and disadvantaged kids ministries.”


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In their honor, the filmmakers have launched a nonprofit pay-it-forward fund so people can donate to buy tickets for disabled and disadvantaged kids so they can see “I CAN” in theaters at no charge.

The filmmakers have partnered with Christian Alliance for Orphans, Boys and Girls Clubs, and other organizations for the pay-it-forward program.

Additionally, the producers of “I Can,” First Capital Films, are donating 100 percent of the revenue generated from all theatrical ticket sales directly to these Christ-centered children’s ministries, “so, your donation will be a double blessing to disadvantaged kids throughout the country,” the website noted.

“We are honored to bring this heartwarming, God-honoring film to theaters beginning September 22,” Silverman said.

“I Can” is the first feature film being distributed by Kappa Studios, which is dedicated to promoting projects that bring glory to God.

Kappa Studios has provided post-production services (such as editing, sound, and special effects) for decades in Hollywood, more recently working on such projects as “Unplanned” and “The Chosen.”

Find theater locations for “I Can” here.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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