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Colorado Teachers Union Thugs Caught Instruction Teachers How to Hide Radical Gender Agenda from Parents

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A Colorado teachers union has been caught showing its members how to successfully hide evidence from parents and administrators that they are pushing the radical gay agenda on school kids.

The teachers union in the Jefferson County, Colorado, school system has been outed for telling teachers not to use computers or the Internet to instruct kids on radical gender politics. The union told members to only use paper because it can more easily be hidden from parents who might use the Internet to search out what their students are being exposed to in the classroom.

The paper, the union said, can be gathered back up and destroyed in the class room, keep what was said and done in the classroom from being discovered outside the classroom.

This means that the union is instructing teachers to break state and federal laws.

Per CBS Colorado:

At issue are student surveys about gender identity. While the school district says it’s unclear whether surveys about students’ preferred pronouns are illegal, there are several lawsuits regarding the issue. So, administrators told teachers – just don’t go there.

The teachers union told them something else. An email from Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) to teachers says, “if you do a questionnaire, please make it a paper and pencil activity – any digital records are more permanent and may be requested under federal law.”

The union also encouraged teachers to “make your notations about students and not hold on to the documents.”

Denice Crawford, who has three kids in the school district, says she was encouraged when the district sent an email to all employees before the school year started reminding them state and federal law prohibits mandatory surveys that ask kids about protected information and even voluntary surveys, it said, are illegal unless parents can opt out.

Crawford says that she feels “Deceived, lied to, taken advantage of.” Other parents agree.

The union President, Brooke Williams, was defiant. She sees nothing wrong with breaking state and federal laws if it aids in pushing the radical trans agenda.

“By allowing students an optional avenue to share their preferred pronouns while maintaining student privacy, we can better ensure that students feel safe, respected, and validated,” she said in a statement. “We encourage and support educators to follow Jeffco’s district policy which states: School staff shall not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender status to others, including parents and other school staff, unless legally required to do so or unless the student has authorized such disclosure. Transgender and gender nonconforming students have the right to discuss and express their gender identity and expression openly and to decide when, with whom, and how much to share private information.”

Democrats and leftists do not care about laws.

They care only for their agenda.

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