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Jacksonville Sheriff Gives Powerful 2A Defense by Pointing Out People Are the Ones Who Fire the Gun

The following article, Jacksonville Sheriff Gives Powerful 2A Defense by Pointing Out People Are the Ones Who Fire the Gun, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Jacksonville, Florida’s top law enforcement officer blew the whistle and stated the obvious after anti-gun activists in the media predictably blamed the gun for a mass shooting in his city over the weekend.

Guns do not and never have killed people. People with evil in their hearts misuse them to carry out their depraved acts.

People also kill with cars, hand tools, knives and their arms and legs.

None of those deaths is convenient when the ultimate goal of the left is to ban firearms, so what happened in Jacksonville on Saturday is being used to further the anti-gun lobby’s agenda.

According to police, a deranged man entered a Dollar General location in the city on Saturday with the intent to kill people based on the color of their skin.

Officers said a 21-year-old white man, Ryan Palmeter, laid out his ideology of hate in a manifesto of which much was quickly made available to the public.

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters said the suspect gunned down Anolt Laguerre Jr., 19, Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion, 29, and Angela Carr, 52.

Palmeter then turned the gun on himself.

While America still waits to read the ramblings of a transgender shooter who targeted children in Nashville, Tennessee, earlier this year — killing three of them, along with three adults — the Florida shooter’s screeds against black Americans are available and have been attributed as his motive.

“Finely put: This shooting was racially motivated, and he hated black people,” Waters told reporters Sunday. “He knew what he was doing. He was 100 percent lucid.”

The sheriff also faced a question about the gun the alleged killer used to carry out his evil agenda.

He was not in the mood to see the media scapegoat the firearm, which he said had been sold legally to the shooter.

“The story is always about guns,” Waters said. “People are bad. This guy’s a bad guy. If I could take my gun off right now, and I lay it on this counter, nothing will happen. It’ll sit there.

“But as soon as a wicked person grabs ahold of that handgun and starts shooting people with it, there’s the problem.

“The problem is the individual.”

Last month, a city in China and a county in Maryland were both devastated by mass stabbings.

No one blamed sharp objects.

Earlier this month, Seoul, South Korea, saw more than a dozen people hurt when a man intentionally ran over five of them with his car and then got out and stabbed nine others.

No one blamed the car or the knife.

People whose hearts and minds are corrupted will carry out evil using any means necessary. Only when a gun is used to kill do people motivated by politics blame the weapon and not the person who held it.

Only a deeply disturbed individual would plan and carry out the mass murder of complete strangers.

In South Carolina in 2018, a nurse admitted she killed her husband by putting over-the-counter eye drops into a glass of water and watching him drink it.

CBS News reported Lana Clayton told investigators of her husband, Steve Clayton, “I just wanted him to just — I just wanted him to suffer.”

The biased corporate media never called for eye drop control following Clayton’s arrest and conviction.

These people are seeking a utopian society free of firearms and will shamelessly politicize the deaths of innocent people in hopes of achieving their goals.

Williams refused to let them get away with it.

Americans need more law enforcement officers like the sheriff who are willing to point out to them the obvious, which is that some people are simply consumed by evil.

A deranged and homicidal person without access to a firearm will find a way to take an innocent life – even if it only requires them to come up with a few bucks for eye drops.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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