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Charlotte’s Main Gay Group Gives Its Top Award to a Convicted Pedophile

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Charlotte Pride was excited to award its 2023 Harvey Milk award for “exceptional LGBT+ advocacy” this year to pedophile Chad Sevearance-Turner.

Sevearance-Turner had it all for the gay advocacy group. He was community leader and even seemed to tick off the “religion” box for Charlotte Pride because he was a former church music minister.

Without question, the high honoree was very active in the local gay community. He was president and chief executive officer at the Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit that “supports LGBT+ and allied businesses” in the two states.

Until they discovered he served prison time for grooming a couple of boys so he could rape them. You know, as award winners do.

Per Daily Wire:

He was accused by three minor boys of sexual abuse in 1998 when he was 20, all three of whom he met through his position as music director for New Harvest Church of God in Gaffney, South Carolina, according to a 2000 report from

The three boys’ accusations were tried in three separate cases.

Sevearance-Turner was eventually convicted in 2000 of performing a lewd act on a minor under 16 and sentenced to ten years in prison. He served just two years before being released on parole.

He is currently listed on the North Carolina sex offender registry.

It also turned out he was excommunicated from a leadership role in another gay activist group after they discovered he was a convicted pedophile. So, this latest set back is nothing new for

In the end, Charlotte Pride quickly and quietly erased Sevearance-Turner’s name from the website where he was announced as their honoree.

And now the group says it isn’t giving out the award this year.

The gay group did not explain why Sevearance-Turner’s honor was rescinded and why he was so thoroughly deleted from the website.

It’s hard to say why, really. His resume seems perfectly in keeping with the honor.

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