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Desperate Pentagon Plans to Give Potential Recruits Huge Helping Hand on Entrance Exam

Army recruits participate in physical training at the National Guard Training Center in Sea Girt, New Jersey, on Oct. 19, 2019.
Army Master Sgt. Matt Hecht /

The following article, Desperate Pentagon Plans to Give Potential Recruits Huge Helping Hand on Entrance Exam, was first published on Flag And Cross.

From the major problems the Pentagon is having signing up recruits, it appears that fewer and fewer Americans want to join President Joe Biden’s woke military.

Now officials are dumbing down the entrance exam in a desperate attempt to boost enlistment.

The Defense Department is moving to allow recruits to use calculators on the math portion of their entrance tests, reported Friday.

By allowing calculators, the Pentagon is moving to make it easier for applicants to pass the math sections of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.

A passing ASVAB score not only determines whether a young person is eligible to join the U.S. military but also helps officers place the recruit on a career path by revealing his or her aptitude.

The woke Pentagon insists the new policy would be in keeping with how testing has evolved in many fields, not just the military. Education and other job fields have increasingly moved toward allowing applicants to use calculators on eligibility tests, officials said.

“We are taking a systematic approach, which will assess the impact of calculator use, and we are developing a way forward for calculator inclusion based on best practices in test development and psychometric theory,” a U.S. defense official told Fox News on Monday.

The Army, Navy and Air Force have all missed recruiting goals for two years in a row, according to

While fewer young Americans are walking into recruiting stations, this policy change also speaks to a failure of our school systems, which are not producing graduates who are proficient in math.

The Pentagon is so desperate it created a two-track acceptance system called the Future Soldier Preparatory Course for those struggling to join the ranks. Those who want to enlist but who are overweight or undereducated have 90 days to work on their deficiencies and can stand for a second evaluation. In the past, a failing candidacy was simply waived off without a second chance.

The U.S. military has come under fire from conservatives for its embrace of drag shows, celebrations of LGBT “pride” and absurd allowances for transgender troops. It seems to be more focused on wokeness than national defense.

Christine Wormuth, the first female secretary of the Army, has tried to push back against that idea.

“We are a ready Army, not a ‘woke’ Army,” Wormuth told reporters in June. “That’s something, frankly, the chief [Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville] and I said throughout posture season in hearings, in meetings with members of Congress.”

Her proclamations, though, seem somewhat hollow in light of what has been going on at the Pentagon, especially since Biden came to office.

In March 2022, retired Marine Corps Col. Mitchell Swan, a Republican candidate for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, blasted Biden’s military policies for making this country weaker.

“The biggest European land war since World War II, and where is our military focused? Gender dysphoria and woke training,” Swan said in a campaign video. “This is insane.”

In June, Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado took a swipe at Biden’s military for an Air Force social media post celebrating “pride” month, noting the artwork made it look as if an airman was saluting the LGBT flag.

“We salute one flag and one flag only in the United States of America. It isn’t the ‘Pride’ flag,” Boebert tweeted.

Last year, Biden even boasted that he intended to make the military’s vehicles “climate friendly.”

It is clear why the Pentagon is constantly dumbing down the tests and requirements for new recruits. But it is also a problem that the military seems more intent on categorizing soldiers by gender and sexual orientation than in skills such as health, education and proficiency in math — the latter of which is needed in all high-tech jobs.

Biden’s military is failing in a number of ways. Maybe it should refocus on being a military organization, not a social experiment.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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