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Study Finds Clear Leftist Bias in AI Powerhouse ChatGPT

The following article, Study Finds Clear Leftist Bias in AI Powerhouse ChatGPT, was first published on .

Tech bros and liberals are claiming that AI ChatGOT is so brilliant that it will replace humans… naturally they love it because it is programmed to be hopelessly biased to push left-wingery.

Who is surprised?

The study conducted by researchers at the University of East Anglia in the UK have found that things produced by ChatGPT is filled with liberal bias.

“The study, published in the journal Public Choice, shows ChatGPT under its default settings favors the Democrats in the U.S., the Labour Party in the UK, and President Lula da Silva of the Workers’ Party in Brazil,” Breitbart News reported.

Researchers asked ChatGPT to impersonate supporters of various political parties and positions, and then asked the modified chatbots a series of 60 ideological questions. The responses to these questions were then compared to ChatGPT’s default answers. This allowed the researchers to test whether ChatGPT’s default responses favor particular political stances. Conservatives have documented a clear bias in ChatGPT since the chatbot’s introduction to the general public.

To overcome difficulties caused by the inherent randomness of the “large language models” that power AI platforms such as ChatGPT, each question was asked 100 times and the different responses collected. These multiple responses were then put through a 1,000-repetition “bootstrap” (a method of re-sampling the original data) to further increase the reliability of the inferences drawn from the generated text.

Lead author Dr Fabio Motoki, of Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia, said: “With the growing use by the public of AI-powered systems to find out facts and create new content, it is important that the output of popular platforms such as ChatGPT is as impartial as possible.”

“The presence of political bias can influence user views and has potential implications for political and electoral processes.”

“Our findings reinforce concerns that AI systems could replicate, or even amplify, existing challenges posed by the Internet and social media.”

It is the old computer adage of “garbage in, garbage out” because the reason it is biased is because its programmers are only putting left-wing garbage into it. How can it spit out anything other than leftism when leftism is all that goes into it?

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