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Rapper Riffs on ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ as Cultural Zeitgeist Grows

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The ripple effect of country singer Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond” continues to grow and now a rapper from California has sampled the country tune, showing that the influence of the song is reaching past white country fans.

The new rap treatment of Anthony’s anthem for common Americans was just posted by a singer who calls himself “The Marine Rapper.”

The rapper, whose real name is Raymond Lott, served in the U.S. Marines, according to Coffee Or Die.

It appears that Anthony’s song really struck a chord with Lott.

“I’m one of five children, and we grew up in poverty,” he told Coffee or Die. “Like, we literally grew up eating government cheese and having to decide between lights and water. We chose water, and then we did our homework in the dark, next to a candle.”

Check out his tune:

His own rap lyrics to Anthony’s country tune show just how much the original song very much resonates with him.

This is for the women who birthed our

Daughters and sons and they nurse our

All of our family while we are traveling

And trying to get our paychecks and work hard



I don’t know how much longer I can take this

Only looks like I got half of my paycheck

How can I explain this all to a baby

I know, I’ll read her this statement you gave me:

Dear Mr. Lott, Know you’ve been working daily ’round the clock

Gotta provide for the family you got

But you laid off

Sincerely, your boss

PS I’m sorry

Isn’t that sounding outrageous?!

How bout you go home and say that!

Go to your daughter and tell her you broke

Cause when your boss will give you some change you would take it,


I am not one to just take it

I am not one to be lazy

Earn what I get I put days in

I am just wanting my payment.

(Lord, it’s a damn shame)

This is amazing proof that there is a very serious unrest on this country. And Oliver Anthony’s song is reaching a large number of people from many parts of this country.

In case you missed the original that The Marine Rapper was riffing off of, watch:

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