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THIS is the PERFECT Example of How Leftists Destroy History and Education

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Leftists see absolutely every situation in life as a reason to stuff their radical political ideology in our faces, even when the situations have nothing whatever to do with politics. There is no better example of this partisan lunacy than what recently occurred at a British museum. It is an incident that gives us the perfect example of how insufferable liberals are and how they find ways to push their unseemly political agenda on us all.

Today’s perfect example comes from Portsmouth’s Mary Rose Museum, which is supposed to be a repository of items and historical artifacts from Britain’s Tudor period.

The museum is dedicated to the excavated remains of the 16th-century Tudor navy warship Mary Rose as well as all things from the Tudor period (from 1485 to 1603 — a time that also includes the Elizabethan period).

So, what we should get is actual history. Historical artifacts accompanied by informative descriptions of the collection. Instead, what the Mary Rose Museum is giving Brtis is lecturing about gays and mentally ill transgenders.

No, really.

Check out this description of an octagonal hand mirror that is some 400 years old and that is displayed in the museum (my bold):

A circular, reflective surface would have sat within this beech frame. This mirror would have been considered a luxury item on the Mary Rose. Looking at your own reflection in a mirror can bring up lots of emotions for both straight and LGBTQ+ people. For Queer people, we may experience a strong feeling of gender dysphoria when we look into a mirror, a feeling of distress caused by our reflection conflicting with our own gender identities. On the other hand, we may experience gender euphoria when looking in a mirror, when how we feel on the inside matches our reflection.

Um… what? A description in a museum of a 400-year-old hand mirror should not have lecturing about transgenderism in it.

Is this a museum or a clown college?

Unfortunately, this idiocy is sprinkled throughout this absurdist “museum.”

Check out this “description” of a small, 400-year-old comb used to pull lice out of men’s har:

The most common personal objects that we found on the Mary Rose were nit combs. There were 82 in total. These nit combs would have been mainly used by the men to remove nits from their hair, rather than using the comb to style their hair (which would have usually been covered up by a hat). However, for many Queer people today, how we wear our hair is a central pillar of our identity. Today, hairstyles are often heavily gendered, following the gender norm that men have short hair, and women have long hair. By ‘subverting’ and playing with gender norms, Queer people can find hairstyles that they feel comfortable wearing.

I’m sorry, but who the hell cares what “queer people” feel about their hair today when we are looking at an historical artifact that has nothing to do with sexual norms. It’s a frikkin comb, not gay pride flag!

This is supposed to be a Tudor museum, not a gay museum.

This is how liberals warp and destroy everything they touch in order to push their radical political agenda.

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