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U.S. Psychiatry Establishment Furious Over Europe Pulling Back from Radical Transgenderism

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Many European countries are starting to pull away from blanket acceptance and pushing the radical transgender agenda and saying that transgender surgical and drug treatments are not always the right way to go, especially for children. But the U.S. medical establishment is furious at this reversal.

While Europe is finally looking at the actual evidence and finding that transgenderism is not exactly the best choice for every person who claims to have gender dysmorphia, the U.S. medical establishment continues pushing transgenderism to promulgate their political agenda. And they are so unhappy that Europe is finally starting to look at the evidence that American medical groups are excommunicating European doctors and researchers.

Per the Washington Free Beacon:

A top pediatric psychiatry organization has nixed at least three panels with leading European psychologists about Europe’s move away from chemical interventions for children with gender dysphoria, raising questions about the politicization of American medicine and underscoring a clinical divide between the United States and much of the world.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), which sets practice guidelines for the field, rejected one panel in 2022 and two more this May on the advice of its “Gender Identity Committee,” whose co-chair, Aron Janssen, has described restrictions on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones as an “effort to oppress.”

Each panel would have taken place at the group’s annual conferences—research-cum-networking bonanzas that draw thousands of professionals—and would have featured clinicians from countries that have restricted access to those drugs, allowing their use only in clinical trials or after long periods of psychological vetting. The speakers planned to discuss the data that led Finland, Sweden, and England to abandon the more laissez-faire treatment model now dominant in the United States, according to emails and panel proposals reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

It is “highly unusual” for the academy to axe events with international speakers, said Kristopher Kaliebe, a psychiatrist at the University of Southern Florida who organized the panels. And it was odder still given that the speakers were some of the biggest names in gender medicine, most with a long track record of transitioning children.

Once again, we see that the left’s adherence to the extreme trans agenda is all about politics, not science. Liberals who claim to “follow the science” have entirely rejected those who are seeking elucidation of the issues around transgenderism.

American medical authorities are frightened that their political agenda will be upset by actual scientific evidence. And so, that evidence will be banned.

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