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Leftists Have Corrupted Science: Scientific Study Retractions Up 13,650% in 22 Years

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Another way the left is destroying our civilization is by corrupting the sciences and a recent look at how many fraudulent scientific studies have been retracted shows just how destructive leftists have been in the scientific sector.

Leftists have turned science into advocacy for its communist ideology. Facts, experimentation, and the scientific method has been thrown out the window as liberals work to co-opt science to serve as a legitimizing force for liberal ideology. Science is not the goal. Prove how wonderful leftism is.

We see how corrupt science has become in the number of studies have been outed as fraudulent.

Per The National Pulse:

The number of scientific papers retracted annually rose from just 40 in 2000 to almost 5,500 in 2022, representing a whopping 13,650% change over the past 22 years, with researchers estimating an astonishing 100,000 would have to be withdrawn every year with more thorough vetting.

Delivering a blow to the “trust the science” cheerleaders, Retraction Watch’s co-founders Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus detail the alarming issues with modern science for the left-wing Guardian newspaper.

The surge in bogus papers is driven in part by the fact that scientists are often “required… to publish papers in order to earn and keep jobs or to be promoted,” which leads to some turning to so-called “paper mills” that “sell everything from authorships to entire manuscripts to researchers who need to publish lest they perish.”

Even worse…

Only around a fifth of retractions are a result of “honest error,” Oransky and Marcus note, highlighting serious misconduct cases such as that of Joachim Boldt, a German anesthesiologist whose falsified data on an ineffective blood substitute was once widely cited and led to many people being harmed.

A major reason these have been retracted is because the results have proved impossible to replicate. And replication is the proof of the pudding for science. If it can’t be repeated, it isn’t real science.

This is happening because liberals want authoritative sources to “prove” their ideology. And what better source than to claim “scientists say” that their left-wing claims are “true”?

Only, they aren’t true. And the “science” has been corrupted to serve as fodder for liberal politics.

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