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Democrats Want 1000% Tax on Guns to Stop People from Buying Guns

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Democrats are pushing an outrageous 1000 percent tax on guns in a backdoor attempt to create a defacto gun ban for most Americans.

The huge, confiscatory tax would raise the cost of a $500 firearm to $5,000, an amount that would ace most Americans out of being able to afford a gun at all.

Again, make no mistake. This is a gun ban by stealth. If something as outrageous as this was put into action, Democrats could pretend that they never instituted a gun ban, knowing full well that they banned most Americans from owning a gun.

According to Breitbart News:

House Democrats introduced legislation Friday that would place a 1,000 percent excise tax on AR-15s and other firearms they refer to as “assault weapons.”

FOX News reported the tax would also apply to “high capacity” magazines.

Rep. Don Beyer (D) and 24 other Democrats are behind the tax which they also pushed last year.

The imposition would force the price of a $500 firearm to jump to $5,000 and “a weapon that normally costs $2,000 would force customers to pay more than $20,000.”

The push for new taxes on AR-15s and other firearms was put forward one day after Democrats sent a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R), urging him to allow votes on gun control.

Our third president actually addressed efforts like this where it concerns our rights.

Jefferson had something else apropos to say that impinges on this subject. In 1792, Jefferson noted that you can’t have a right to a thing unless you are able to have access to the tools and other items in connection with that thing.

In his Report on Navigation of the Mississippi (1792, ME 3:180), Jefferson wrote, “It is a principle that the right to a thing gives a right to the means without which it could not be used, that is to say, that the means follow their end.”

So, if the Democrats tax guns, or ammunition, or supplies and materials so high that people can’t afford to buy them, that is a direct violation of our rights.

It’s just that simple.

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