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Try THAT in a Small Town: Armed Teens Level Firearms at Doorbell Camera, Issue Sick Demand

The following article, Try THAT in a Small Town: Armed Teens Level Firearms at Doorbell Camera, Issue Sick Demand, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A group of gun-toting youths was seen leveling firearms at the doorway of a seemingly random residence, an act that might fly in a big city but could be disastrous if tried in a more armed and rural area.

The incident happened Thursday in University City, Missouri, in the metro area of crime-ridden St. Louis.

The punks appeared to be armed with a variety of handguns and other weaponry, including a pistol-style AK-47.

Video from the incident shows the thuggish and brazen behavior happening in broad daylight.

As seen in the video, the weapons were leveled at the doorway camera as the youths demanded whoever was inside to “open the door, man.”

KMOV-TV reported Saturday that police were still searching for the youths and the investigation remained open.

While this might be a regular occurrence in St. Louis and other big cities, it’s a crime that seems to be conspicuously absent from rural areas.

As the country artist Jason Aldean has recently pointed out, behavior like this undoubtedly would have ended poorly for the armed teens had they tried this stunt in a small town.

It’s clear the group wouldn’t be anywhere near a match for an armed and prepared country boy, seeing as how nobody in the gang could muster up a proper firing stance or even a stable grip.

At one point, one of the clowns appeared to be cranking up the brightness of his red dot sight. Hey, homeslice, that doesn’t make the gun more powerful!

As anyone with room-clearing training will tell you, the threshold is one of the most dangerous places in any firefight. Because of the narrow entry and concentration of fire, the area around a doorway is rightfully called “the funnel of death.” Any entrance into a residence must be done through a funnel — whether it’s a door, a window or another other point of entry.

Pay attention to where these wannabe shooters were crowded — right in the middle of this deadly zone.

On the same day this occurred, St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones signed a “gun safety” bill that prohibits openly carrying or displaying firearms within city limits without the proper permit.

Unfortunately for the mayor and residents of the St. Louis metro area, it seems these youths are not the type to respect such ordinances.

While St. Louisans are left to rely on municipal legislation for protection, Americans in other parts of the country have a much more reliable work to bank their lives on: the Constitution. More specifically, the Second Amendment made to this foundational document.

Although the Second Amendment was written by the Founding Fathers with tyrannical governments in mind, these wise men also realized that the protection of one’s life and property ultimately falls upon the individual.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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