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Study: Mass Shooters Favor Liberal ‘Gun Free Zones’

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In a result that should surprise no one, a new study has found that mass shooters tend to favor “gun free zones,” but it also found that an increase in legally armed citizens would tend to help limit such crimes.

Per the Epoch Times:

Eliminating gun-free zones and increasing the number of legally-armed citizens would reduce the occurrence of mass shootings, according to a paper released by the Crime Prevention Research Council (CPRC).

Carlisle E. Moody, an economics professor at the College of William and Mary and Research Director for the CPRC, wrote the paper titled “Is There a Policy That Reduces Mass Public Shooting Deaths?” It was released on July 21.

The paper states that politicians, gun control advocates, and Second Amendment supporters have proposed many solutions to the problem of mass shootings. These include permit-to-purchase laws, universal background checks, bans on certain guns, and large-capacity magazines.

Mr. Moody writes that none have shown more than a negligible impact on deaths from mass shootings, except for armed resistance.

“We find that none of the proposed policies significantly reduce such deaths. However, we find evidence that mass public shooting deaths are lower in places that allow the carrying of concealed firearms,” the report reads.

“There is evidence that mass public shootings that occur in those places where ordinary citizens are prohibited from carrying concealed weapons are associated with significantly higher fatalities compared to places that allow such weapons, especially for mass shootings in which six or more people are killed,” the paper reads.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that cowardly mass murderers would pick places where they know ahead of time that their crime can go on unopposed.

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