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‘The View’ Goes Downhill Fast After Host Refused to Give in to Pressure to Support Biden

The four liberal panelists argued with their token Republican co-host about her decision not to vote for Joe Biden for president.
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The following article, 'The View' Goes Downhill Fast After Host Refused to Give in to Pressure to Support Biden, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, the token Republican-lite on ABC’s “The View,” found out what it feels like to be a Republican in the real world when she admitted to her co-panelists this week that she would not be voting for Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

The confrontation began with co-host Joy Behar defending Biden’s economic record during a discussion about Trump beating Biden in the general, according to the polls.

“Let me just say something about Joe Biden. According to what I’m observing, the economy is booming, inflation is down, the stock market is doing well, people are having an easier time putting bread on the table, et cetera. He doesn’t seem to be getting the credit for that — only 41 percent approval. Is it because they think he’s old? Because I don’t see anything else you can point to with him, particularly,” Behar said.

Behar’s “observations” about the state of the economy and “putting bread on the table” are obvious evidence of her deep understanding of middle-class struggles gleaned from her $7-million-a-year paycheck and $14-million-dollar real estate portfolio.

“Well that’s a question for Democrats,” Griffin said.

“No, it’s a question for you, really, because you said you would not vote for Biden,” Behar replied.

“You said you would not vote for Biden,” she repeated, pointing her finger at Griffin.

The accusation was obvious. By saying she would not vote for Biden, Griffin had turned traitor to “The View,” — a name that symbolizes their thought process. There is only one “view” in that room, and that is the one sanctioned by the left.

Sunny Hostin then joined the discussion, emphasizing the significance of every vote and urging Griffin to put “country before party.”

Which sounds like code for, “If you want a long-term gig on “The View” don’t say anything against the Democrat party.

To her credit, Griffin stood her ground.

“Why is your candidate not doing better with Democrats? That’s who he needs to win,” she said.

“Because they think he’s old, that’s why” Behar blurted out. Then, realizing that she had answered (at least partly) her own question, Behar pivoted to defending Biden, saying, “I am the same age as Joe Biden” (which really did not help her argument.)

“Joe Biden is not doing poorly because I won’t vote for Joe Biden, let me just make that clear,” Griffin said, laughing.

She’s right.

The ladies at “The View” can gush all they want over the great job they think Biden is doing, but the American people — even those from Biden’s own party — see it differently, and they do not want to vote for him.

Joe Biden won’t do any better if the ladies of “The View” can bully Griffin into voting for him.

But they’re probably going to keep trying.

Because, at this point, she’s the only person in the entire country whom they have any hope of persuading to change their vote in his favor.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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